1652735347 Half past eight quotnote the word obeyquot Gruber reveals the

Half past eight, "note the word obey": Gruber reveals the great secret of Zalensky

Half past eight quotnote the word obeyquot Gruber reveals the

That Azov battalion he would agree to evacuate “the defenders of Azovstal”. A real sudden turning point that can change the balance of power in the context of war. But in this story, in this long siege of the steel mill, we must go further and understand the words of the Ukrainian military. Words that weigh like boulders in these contexts to make people understand what could soon happen across the frontline. The verb to look out for is obey. In fact, here’s what he said Denis Prokopenkothe battalion commander: “The defenders of Mariupol They carried out an order and, despite all the difficulties, repelled the enemy for 82 days. In order to save lives, the entire Mariupol garrison is implementing the decision approved by the Supreme Military Command and hopes for the support of the Ukrainian people Ukrainian Supreme Military Command, that is, from Kyiv, and as explained by Otto and Mezzo, Khrushchev’s granddaughter, Nina Khrushcheva“this gesture shows that things are changing rapidly on the diplomatic front”.

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In short, behind Azov’s capitulation there could be an easing of the conflict between Zelenskyy and Putin. A move that comes just on the day that Finland’s and Sweden’s NATO membership is being questioned. So the diplomatic chessboard moves in different directions. Ardunio Panicca, back at Otto e Mezzo, underscores this aspect: Azov’s move could portend something else. Obedience to an order from Kyiv portends a change in direction.

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Zelensky he would therefore have dropped the attack on Mariupol, perhaps to try to reopen the path of negotiations. In short, the central hub of the negotiations therefore remains the martyr city of Mariupol. And now the evacuation of Azov could open up new scenarios.