'Happy Days' celebrates 50th anniversary: ​​'I look back now and feel so happy'

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“Happy Days” is celebrating its 50th anniversary!

From 1974 to 1984, the show delighted households across America. For ten years, audiences followed the Cunninghams as they navigated life as a middle-class family in Wisconsin in the 1950s and 1960s. For so many fans of the show, it represents a simpler time, which is why they continue to seek it out.

The series itself is not only famous but has also helped propel the careers of its famous actors. Fifty years after the series began, Ron Howard has become a top Hollywood director, Henry Winkler has found a new generation of fans, and Anson Williams has dipped his toe into politics.

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When it comes to a possible reboot, Williams told Fox News Digital in August 2022, “Anything is possible” and that “any way we can be together, whether it's a reunion for a baseball game or a new TV show, is easy.” would be phenomenal.” Gift.”

The cast of Happy Days is celebrating the show's 50th anniversary. (ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images)

“Who would have thought that this lower middle class kid would one day appear on the number one show in the world?” he shared. “And not only that, but you end up with four decades of friendship? It was a great joy to be around such talented, successful people with even bigger hearts who truly consistently care.”

Here's a look at the cast.

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HAPPY DAYS STAR ANSON WILLIAMS reveals whether he will ever consider rebooting during the mayoral election

Marion Ross – Marion Cunningham

Marion Ross is best known for her role as Marion Cunningham, the matriarch of the Cunningham family, on Happy Days. (Getty Images)

While Marion Ross has appeared in several films and television shows, she is best known for her role as Cunningham family matriarch Marion Cunningham in Happy Days. Ross appeared in the spin-off “Joanie Loves Chachi,” which was about her TV daughter Joanie and her boyfriend Chachi trying to make it on their own in Chicago.

“I love that people still care about us after all these years,” she told Fox News Digital on the show's anniversary in 2018.

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She said the cast often got together to play softball, revealing, “We had a wonderful softball team because all the boys were very good athletes.”

“Ron Howard played right field [and] “Scott Baio was a wonderful first baseman,” Ross said. “And I had a uniform with my own mitt with my name on it and my own bat!” And we played so much softball. It held the cast together. I don’t know if we would have survived if we didn’t have that softball team.”


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After the series ended, Ross starred in the critically acclaimed series “Brooklyn Bridge,” about a Jewish-American family living in Brooklyn in the 1950s. The show won a Golden Globe and was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award, but was canceled after two seasons. She also won a Golden Globe for her performance in “The Evening Star.”

Ross revealed that playing softball kept the cast together during filming. (Rachel Luna/Getty Images)

Since then, Ross has guest-starred or been a recurring character on several shows, including Gilmore Girls, Grey's Anatomy and That 70s Show. She also pursued voice acting, lending her talents to shows such as “Handy Manny,” “SpongeBob SquarePants” and “King of the Hill.” She also appeared in “The Middle,” “Senior Entourage,” and “Viral Vignettes.”

Ross was married to Freeman Meskimen from 1951 to 1969 and they have two children together, Jim and Ellen.

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Thomas Bosley-Howard Cunningham

Bosley originated the role of Maurice in Broadway's Beauty and the Beast. (Getty Images)

Thomas Bosley played Howard Cunningham in Happy Days, but before he made a name for himself in the world of television, he had already won a Tony Award for his role in the Broadway musical Fiorello. Howard is his most well-known role and many of his acting gigs were made at the same time.

These roles included voice acting for children's shows such as “The General Mills Radio Adventure Theater” and “The World of David the Gnome.”

After returning to the stage in 1994 as part of the original cast of Broadway's “Beauty and the Beast,” he returned to the screen in 2008, starring in the Hallmark Channel's “Charlie & Me.” In 2010, he starred in his last two films, “The Back-Up Plan” and “Santa Buddies.”

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“My wife says my gravestone will read, 'Here lies Mr.

He was married to Jean Eliot from 1962 to 1978 and they have one daughter, Amy Bosley Baer. He then married Patricia Carr in 1980. Bosley died in October 2010 at the age of 83.

Erin Moran – Joanie Cunningham

Erin Moran is best known for her role as Joanie Cunningham on Happy Days. (Getty Images)

Erin Moran won the role of Joanie Cunningham in Happy Days at the age of 15 and remained her best-known role until her death.

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There was a brief lull in her acting career after the '90s, but during this time she remained on television screens, appearing as herself in shows such as 2008's Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp. She also starred in “The Bold and the Beautiful,” “Not Another B Movie,” and her last film, “The Deceit,” which was released in 2012.

Moran was married to Rocky Ferguson from 1987 to 1993 and to Steven Fleischmann from 1993 until her death. In April 2017, Moran died at the age of 56 from complications of throat cancer.

Ron Howard-Richie Cunningham

Ron Howard has made a name for himself as a director since leaving the series in Season 8. (Getty Images)

Ron Howard played Richie Cunningham on Happy Days for eight seasons before leaving the series to focus on a career as a director. He began his directing career with small projects but quickly worked his way up to major box office successes like “Splash” and “Parenthood,” the latter of which received two Oscar nominations.

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One of Howard's greatest achievements was directing “Apollo 13,” which received critical acclaim and nine Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture. He went on to direct many other films, including How the Grinch Stole Christmas, starring Jim Carrey, and A Beautiful Mind, starring Russell Crowe, for which Howard won the Academy Award for Best Director.


Another Oscar nomination came in 2008 for directing Frost/Nixon, a film based on the former president's interviews with broadcaster David Frost. Howard joins the list of directors working on a Star Wars film when he directed Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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Most recently he directed the films Hillbilly Elegy, We Feed People and Thirteen Lives, all of which he also produced, as well as four films in various stages of production.

He also produced Under the Banner of Heaven, Lucy and Desi and Genius and has 15 upcoming projects. Since concentrating on directing, he has acted sporadically, including in “The Odd Couple” and “This Is Us” and was the narrator for all episodes of “Arrested Development.”

Howard married Cheryl Alley in 1975 and they have four children, Bryce, Jocelyn, Paige and Reed. (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Howard married Cheryl Alley in 1975 and they have four children, Bryce, Jocelyn, Paige and Reed.

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Anson Williams-Potsie Weber

Anson Williams praises Garry Marshall for educating the Happy Days cast about the business. (Getty Images)

Anson Williams' breakthrough role was Potsie Weber in Happy Days. He remained on the series for all eleven seasons and was nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance, although his appearances in the later seasons were more sporadic.

“Garry Marshall was a teacher. He looked after his four young stars and inspired us to use Paramount Studios as a college,” Williams told Fox News Digital earlier this week about the show's director, who died in 2016. “Take advantage and instead of having big egos and getting in our own way, learn as much as you can about the entertainment business, about directing, writing, producing and much more. This is why we are all still productive in so many areas of business. “

“He also inspired us to create projects that give people hope, strength and education, yet entertain,” he continued. “We all followed his wise advice.”

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Similar to Howard, Williams focused on directing after the show ended. However, he mainly worked in television. He directed episodes of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, 7th Heaven, Melrose Place and Xena: Warrior Princess. As an actor, he appeared in episodes of “Boy Meets World,” “Baywatch,” and “The Odd Couple.”

Williams was married to Lorrie Mahaffey from 1978 to 1986 and then to Jackie Gerken from 1988 to 2019. He married Sharon MaHarry in May 2023. In July 2022, Williams announced his candidacy for mayor of Ojai, California.

Williams hopes to make Garry Marshall proud with the new play he is directing. (Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

The actor told Fox News Digital that he is directing a one-woman show called “Crazy Mama,” set to premiere in April 2024 at the Bethel Woods Center For the Arts in New York. It tells the story of a woman struggling with her mother's mental illness. “I know Garry is watching from above and is so proud,” he said. “He sits on my shoulder and still inspires me every day.”

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Don Most – Ralph Malph

Don Most still remembers his first day on the set of “Happy Days.” (Getty Images)

Don Most was one of the main actors in “Happy Days” and played the funnyman Ralph Malph until the eighth season of the series. After his departure, he appeared in a number of shows including “ChIps,” “Star Trek: Voyager” and “Glee.”

“I remember filming my very first scene in the pilot episode of 'Happy Days,'” Most told Fox News Digital. “How could I have imagined back then that 'Happy Days' would still be broadcast and seen by so many people 50 years later. I look back now and feel so lucky to have been able to work with such a talented and amazing group of people.”

“From the brilliant cast to our two inimitable leaders – creator and executive producer Garry Marshall… and our director Jerry Paris,” he continued. “Even today, when I work on productions like my current film, Far Haven, I am grateful for the foundation that the show and Garry gave us.”

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He also appeared in “Charles in Charge” with his “Happy Days” co-star Scott Baio. Like most of the series' actors, Most started out as a voice actor for shows like Dungeons & Dragons, Teen Wolf, and Family Guy.

Don Most was one of the main actors in “Happy Days” and played the funnyman Ralph Malph until the eighth season of the series. (Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Princess Cruises)

Most released a pop music album in 1976 and a swing album in 2016. In 2021, he released the singles “Ooo Baby Baby” and “Smoke from a Distant Fire”, both of which were included on his 2023 album. “New York High.”

Most married actress Morgan Hart in 1982 and they have two daughters, Madison and Mackenzie.

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Henry Winkler – Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli

Henry Winkler won the first Primetime Emmy Award of his career in 2018 for his work on the HBO Max show “Barry.” (Getty Images)

Henry Winkler took the role of Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli from a small role to the iconic role it is today. During his role on Happy Days, he appeared in several television and film roles, but after the series ended, he found it difficult to find work.

“I learned a lot from Ron,” Winkler told Fox News Digital in October 2023 about his relationship with co-star Ron Howard. “He was completely grounded by his parents, who never tolerated bad behavior. He was a professional.” That was his job and I learned by watching him. I'm older – 10 years older – so I had the experience of doing theater and commercials on the East Coast to show how to be a professional. I never doubted my responsibility for what I had to do, but I still had a lot to learn.


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Because of his typecasting, Winkler founded his own production company and began producing and directing his own projects. After several guest appearances and starring roles in Click, Parks and Recreaction, Children's Hospital, Royal Pains and Hank Zipper, Winkler landed a recurring role on Arrested Development.

IIn 2018, he landed the role of Gene Cousineau on HBO Max's Barry, a character he played for four seasons from 2018 to 2023. For this role, he won the first Primetime Emmy Award of his career and was nominated for various other awards. During this time he also appeared in Black Adam, Extinction, Monsters at Work and Rugrats.

Henry Winkler took the role of Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli from a small role to the iconic role it is today. (Leon Bennett/WireImage)

Winkler married Stacey Weitzman in 1978. They have two children, Max and Joe, and Weitzman's son from her previous marriage, Jed.

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Al Molinaro – Al Delvecchio

Molinaro gave up his career as a real estate agent to pursue acting after being discovered by director Garry Marshall. (Getty Images)

Al Molinaro gave up his successful career as a real estate agent to pursue acting after being discovered by director Garry Marshall. He first rose to fame in the original film “The Odd Couple” before playing Al Delvecchio, the owner of the malt shop where the gang stayed, in most of the eleven seasons of “Happy Days.”

During the show, Molinaro appeared in “Freaky Friday,” “The Love Boat” and “Joanie Loves Chachie.” After Happy Days ended, Molinaro struggled to find success on another show. He mainly took on guest roles in “Punky Brewster”, “The Family Man” and “Step By Step” and did commercials. From 1987 to 2003 he appeared in 42 commercials.

He was married to Jacquelin Martin from 1948 to 1980 and they have one son, Michael. He later married Betty Farrell in 1981. Molinaro died in October 2015 in Glendale, California.

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Scott Baio – Chachi Arcola

Scott Baio joined the series in the later seasons as Joanie's romantic partner. His character was so popular that he got a spin-off that lasted one season. (Getty Images)

Scott Baio was a latecomer to the Happy Days cast, joining as Chachi Arcola in Season 5 to provide a love interest for Moran's character Joanie. After the show ended, Baio was cast as the lead in another successful TV show, Charles in Charge, which aired for six years.


After that show ended, he had a number of guest roles throughout the '90s and early 2000s, the last of which aired in 2014. After a long break from acting, Baio appeared in the 2021 film “Courting Mom and Dad.”

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In 2018, the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office declined to file charges after his former “Charles in Charge” co-star Nicole Eggert accused him of sexual assault, citing the “statute of limitations.”

Baio married Renee Sloan-Baio in 2007 and they have a daughter, Bailey. Baio is also stepfather to Sloan-Baio's daughter from a previous relationship, Kayln.