Harry quotLegend of the flightquotoverwhelmed by criticism the scene in

Harry "Legend of the flight"overwhelmed by criticism: the scene in front of John Travolta

A revenge for Prince Harry, who is, however, overwhelmed by new criticism. The former royal was honored as a “living legend of aviation” in Beverly Hills on Friday evening, in tribute to his work as a military helicopter co-pilot in Afghanistan. The prize went to John Travolta, Hollywood star but also airline pilot. Harry remembered his mother, Lady Diana, and the famous White House dance with the Hollywood star (“When I was a year old…”), but didn't say a word about his sister-in-law, Princess of Wales Kate Middleton, since Tuesday in a London hospital for an operation, the nature of which is not yet known. Harry was alone without his wife Meghan Markle, despite rumors that they would appear on the red carpet together. Wearing a tuxedo, he joked with Travolta from the stage: “I was a year old when you danced with my mother. And look at us now, it's amazing. If we don't dance together, we'll fly together. As mentioned, no word on Kate or her father, King Charles, who will undergo surgery next week to correct a hypertrophic prostate.

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In the past, personalities of the caliber of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, as well as Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford and Morgan Freeman, have received the same award. Someone in the UK also argued about him being given an award, as if to say that the Duke appeared to have done nothing to distinguish himself. If the family's illness could have led to a rapprochement, this certainly did not happen, and the distance between the Sussexes and the royal family remains sidereal. It is not clear whether the Dukes of Sussex were personally informed about the health problems of the monarch and Princess of Wales: on Wednesday, the palace made the announcement an hour and a half later: first the news about Kate, then – perhaps to distract Carlo's attention . However, there was no comment from Harry and Meghan.