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Having undergone heart surgery, PA Méthot believes he has a new life since 2018

We met PA Méthot during the presentation of the personalities who would take part in the project Just for one night streamed on Prime Video. The comedian talks about his concept, the freedom of humor and his health, which is getting better and better.

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Just for Laughs has wanted to work with PA Méthot on a big project for a while. When the opportunity arose with the show One Night Only in partnership with Prime Video, Patrick Rozon, VP of French-language content, called the comedian. “I have to admit I was a bit scared at first because I had no idea who I was going to be working with on Prime Video. In the end it was a great adventure. I was told: “No problem, you can do whatever you want!” I like stuff like that because unlike the big events I organize I could focus on my performance and not on everything around it, like among other things Advertising. I came onto the field with a thundering team. I was part of the big leagues,” says the comedian, who is satisfied with this project.

As a concept for his presentation at For One Night Only, PA Méthot was inspired by a subject he is passionate about: secret societies. “That has always fascinated me. Also, during the pandemic, there was a fake campaign about me saying I was a Freemason. I read about it to understand what it is about. So when I was presented with this project and told that it had to take place in a certain place and context, I decided to go ahead with it. I wanted something scary with masks, a bit like the Eyes Wide Shut movie,” he explains. My audience came in toga and mask, and my guests were among the spectators. We didn’t know who was there. I wanted to create a little secret. The basic structure was a secret society in which everything can be said. With the censorship we’ve known in humor for the past few years, this playground has allowed us to do anything. It was unusual and I was happy.

Having undergone heart surgery PA Methot believes he has a

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Since he chose the topic of non-censorship for his comedy evening, we took the liberty of asking his opinion on the subject of censorship in his environment. “There is a new movement that is preventing us from saying much. I would even say if the trend continues it will be difficult to be humorous in a few years. It should be noted that it is rarely those affected by the jokes who complain. On the contrary, they often find our jokes very funny. I am called to engage in debates that we would not have had five years ago. We’re checking our numbers a lot more than we used to, and that’s not a big deal as some comedians went over the line. But we all paid a little bit for it and I don’t accept paying for people who made mistakes.” For PA Méthot, in his words, this caution can also be felt in everyday life away from the stage: “From the moment we leave the house, we are in public mode. As a comedian you have to pay attention to everything. We’ve been walking on eggshells for a long time… We have to find a balance: censorship hurts, but do we absolutely have to enforce the bill to be funny? Neither! However, it would be nice if we could at least be natural. You have to be good in your skates when you skate.”

In Just One Night, PA Méthot selected comedians for people to discover: ‘I had asked to have Rachid Badouri, Dominic Paquet and Mariana Mazza with me, but they all had their own night! It allowed me to work with people I had worked with less but found fun and deserved to be seen more like Silvi Tourigny, Mathieu Cyr, Pascal Cameron or Yannick De Martino.

Does he feel extra pressure at the prospect of seeing his evening of humor broadcast on a major platform like Prime Video? “NO. The great thing is that this type of platform allows comedians from Quebec to be heard in the west of the country. We are happy: For One Night Only is a beautiful product with exceptional quality. I also feel less pressure than others transmitters because the freedom immediately calmed me down.

1676825300 39 Having undergone heart surgery PA Methot believes he has a

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Off the stage, we can see PA Méthot presenting the new reality show Cœur de Trucker, which will be broadcast on Unis TV from April 6th. In this one we see four truckers looking for love. Meetings take place along the way, from coast to coast. “I had a lot of fun driving the truck all summer. So much so, I almost wanted to get my trucker’s license! This show is very human. As an experience, it’s the complete opposite of what I’ve had in the past. I don’t propose myself, but rather the candidates. We talk about emotions, sadness, the story of the participants.

We get to know them through them and their families. It’s a beautiful intervention in these people’s lives and it’s not forced. It’s off the beaten path. Everyone has the right to love.”

The one who underwent heart surgery a few years ago feels that life with him is good. He gives us news about his health: “My heart is really good. I have a new life since 2018. A few weeks ago I went to the doctor and my condition is only improving. I saved my life My cardiologist says I’m not lucky that I had to go through this, but I’m lucky that I’m hyper-responsive to the meds and that the surgery was a success. We have a perfect combination! You’re going to be stuck with me for a while!” he said, laughing.

As for family life, he tells us about Zoé, his older daughter who will soon be going to secondary school: “She is almost as tall as her mother. She is 5’3″. Does she want to follow in her father’s footsteps? “I hope not! I wish she would do something other than perform. It’s fun to say that PA Méthot has sold 500,000 tickets, but that number also comes with 25 years in business. It also means 200 shows a year, never home, always on the go… But I’ll support him no matter what he chooses.”

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