1707171508 He appears in Alertes on TVA another physically intense role

He appears in “Alertes” on TVA: another physically intense role for Pierre-Paul Alain

Since starring in the film, Pierre-Paul Alain has specialized in physical and intense roles Arsenal and Sons, by Rafael Ouellet. For the past two years, he has played strong, violent and/or vulnerable characters on television, adding depth to his craft as an actor.

In the daily Indéfensible he surprised by lending his facial features to Shawn Godin, a former soldier who is struck by post-traumatic shock and kills a work colleague in the Olympic Park.

Actor Pierre-Paul Alain is very busy these days.

Pierre-Paul Alain in his role as Pat Lamarre in the police series “Alertes”. PHOTO PROVIDED BY TVA

Here he comes on alert. In the TVA detective series he takes on the role of conspiracy theorist Pat Lamarre, the leader of the Spark movement.

“He is a 35-year-old former soldier. He is charismatic and easily manipulates those around him. There are many nuances in this character. It is a quiet strength. As much as you can love him, as much as you can hate him. He is a magnet capable of bringing people together and convincing them to work with him,” said Pierre-Paul Alain in an interview with QMI Agency.

According to the latter, Lamarre has a social intelligence that is very useful to him and “he can be very violent”, which makes his “very strong role”. When there is action and stunts, there is always an actor who has been involved in sports and martial arts all his life.

Actor Pierre-Paul Alain is very busy these days.

Pierre-Paul Alain in “Indefensible.” PHOTO PROVIDED BY TVA

“I worked with the director Mathieu Handfield, who is also an actor. He really pushed me into this character. As in the past, he has a different approach to directing the characters. He knew how to push buttons I didn't expect. We will experience a wide range of emotions.”

We will see Lamarre this Monday at the very end of the Alerts episode, a man who will undoubtedly interest the investigators of the Cerbères force, as you will see.

“It’s stressful to play such roles because you want to do justice to the character.”

Actor Pierre-Paul Alain is very busy these days.

Pierre-Paul Alain at the time he was filming in “Destinées,” a television series that aired on TVA from 2007 to 2014. ARCHIVE PHOTO

Pierre-Paul Alain became known primarily thanks to the television novel Destinées, in which he played a good boy. He disappeared for several years because he was plunged into a family nightmare while his mother, father and sister were all sick at the same time.

“My sister, my father and my mother were sick at the same time for five years, it was hell and also I wasn't at my best in the auditions. “It was the magical role in 'Arsenault et fils' that gave me wings again,” he confessed.

Pierre-Paul Alain then stunned in the series À coeur bleue, in which he played a violent man with his wife and a drug user, but whose behavior was linked to a difficult past of sexual assault. He begins rebuilding in prison and faces his demons. He also starred in Anna and Arnaud, Reasonable Doubt, Lac-Noir, Bombs and A Criminal Affair.

Finally, this year he will appear in the film Melting Ice by François Péloquin.