quotHe has another daughterquotthe indiscretion in the royal family the

"He has another daughter"the indiscretion in the royal family: the princess hid it from everyone

Scandals and mysteries in royalty with indiscretions that will surely leave you speechless and speechless. Why has it been hidden to this day?

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In the long reign of Queen Elizabeth the second there were scandals, secrets, omissions and many rumors that embellished the court days. There’s a new scandal hanging in the air involving a secret daughter that could upset the balance: why was nobody aware of it?

Mysteries in the reign of Queen Elizabeth II

Someone in the English royal family was keeping a very important secret, but that’s the way it is these days the scandal broke out. It wasn’t enough the death of Queen Elizabeth and the long grief worldwide, the dramas of Prince Andrew and Harry leaving everything to live in Los Angeles.

Adding to all this is something special about one secret daughter. Now that Queen Elizabeth is gone, keeping up ties and hiding rumors won’t be easy. His reign began in 1952 after the death of his father, King George, and the sovereign was impeccable for 70 years. At 96 she could no longer continue and now leaves everything to her son Carlo and his nephew William.

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Needless to say, the first real blow to Elizabeth came with the disappearance of her husband, Prince Philip. known in 1943. After a series of letters and courtships, they became officially engaged in July 1947 and then married in November. Philip converted to Anglicanism to marry his beautiful sovereign and was given the title of Duke of Edinburgh a few days before the wedding.

Carlo was born in 1948, today King e all the rest of the story it is almost completely known.

The secret daughter who upsets the balance of the royal family

Gossip has emerged these days that left everyone speechless because someone in the royal family forgot to tell about a secret daughter. The British Media They spoke about Meghan and a secret that was kept even from her husband Harry.

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The prince’s wife was married Trevor Engelson, the film producer, best known for his role in Suits. The divorce took place in 2013, and during the marriage they tried to have a child, not achieving the goal.

The couple decided to adopt a daughter, leaving Meghan’s mother – a social worker – for everyone paperwork. Meghan and Trevor found a girl but the divorce put the adoption process on hold. Contact with the child has been maintained and she has found another loving family who are raising her with dedication.

An English source said Meghan often visited the child with her mother Doria and it was his big dream to be able to adopt her until her confirmation Divorce from Trevor.

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It seems that not even Harry knew about the existence of this little girl: there will be other mysteries in the court of which there are nobody is aware of it?