He pushed a 3 year old girl onto the tracks

He pushed a 3 year old girl onto the tracks while waiting for the train, the police arrested a 32 year old

A mother and a little girl were waiting for the train at the station when suddenly an unidentified woman appeared behind them and pushed the little boy onto the tracks. It happened at a train station in Oregon, United States, where several people rushed to the tracks to help the little girl, who was immediately rescued.


The little girl is pushed onto the tracks

Luckily there was no passing train to be expected at that moment, the little girl only reported a severe headache and a red spot on her forehead after hitting first the stones and then the metal rail of the tracks. The video of surveillance cameras released by the local police station shows the shocking scene of a person suddenly getting up from their seat and pushing the little girl.

there woman blamed of the insane act is Brianna Lace Workman, 32, who was arrested after the incident. According to court records, she is listed as homeless and lives in Portland. “A mother and her child were waiting for a train when Workman allegedly pushed the three-year-old boy off the platform and onto the tracks,” District Attorney Mike Schmidt said. A remand was requested for the woman.

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