He shaped our lives Jean Charest talks about his final

“He shaped our lives”: Jean Charest talks about his final moments alongside Brian Mulroney

Former Quebec premier and former Conservative Party of Canada leader Jean Charest visited Brian Mulroney last Saturday.

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In an interview with LCN, he says he decided at the last minute to visit his former colleague and friend in Florida, who he knew was sick.

“He was weak,” Mr. Charest claims. He had lost a lot of weight, but mentally he was there, he was very alert.

“He had a lot of emotions and told me during the conversation that I think I won't finish the year,” the former Quebec premier continues. To encourage him, I told him that this year was the 40th anniversary of the election of his government. So it's an opportunity to highlight his legacy. We have agreed to organize a certain number of events.”

Former Quebec premier Lucien Bouchard also claims Brian Mulroney told him not to “be surprised if something happens.”

“He felt himself leaving,” Mr. Bouchard says.

Jean Charest remembers Brian Mulroney as a remarkable man.

“He shaped our lives,” he said. He was a mentor to me, he was a friend. For me he was an almost fatherly person in my life. We have no idea how impactful he was in helping people in his life. He made history.”

The former leader of Canada's Conservative Party remembers a time when politicians had to make difficult decisions.

“It was a time when we in politics assumed that we had political capital to spend and had to make difficult decisions, it was not a matter of choice.”

“He showed courage,” he added. Internationally he was a great and respected prime minister. On the subject of the environment […] he was a pioneer.”

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