He starred in an Oscar hit led a cult and

He starred in an Oscar hit, led a cult and is accused of sexually abusing minors

He starred in an Oscar hit led a cult andThe “Dances with Wolves” actor was in court at the time over serious allegations of sexual abuse, child trafficking and drug trafficking. (Photo: AP)

When he starred in an Oscar-winning film at the age of 14, everything pointed to Nathan Chasing Horse having a successful career in Hollywood. However, he chose a different path: he became a cult leader and is now accused of sexually abusing minors.

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In 1990, famous actor and director Kevin Costner selected the cast for the film Dances with Wolves, agreeing to the choice of a then 14-year-old boy, Nathan Chasing Horse, who had been pre-selected by those responsible for the casting .

The film won seven Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director, but afterward Nathan didn't have the artistic breakthrough many expected for his portrayal of a Sioux tribe member who laughs too much.

Nathan Chasing Horse, from the Oscars for Justice

Born on April 28, 1976 on an Indian reservation in South Dakota, the actor spent most of his life in the western United States, more specifically in the north of Las Vegas, the city of casinos. In the Rosebud Sioux tribe, to which he belongs, he was highly respected as a healer. “You could say his position was similar to that of a priest in the Catholic Church,” summarized Rulon Pete, executive director of the Las Vegas Indian Center.

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