He throws himself from the top of a 29 story building

He throws himself from the top of a 29-story building for clicks

A 30-year-old from the United Kingdom who shared his passion for skydiving with thousands of followers is believed to have died in Thailand on Saturday after he threw himself from the roof of a 29-story building while filming content for his social media building had collapsed.

“The parachute with which the deceased jumped malfunctioned and was not centered as intended. Forensics are deepening the investigation. They are examining the parachute,” Lieutenant Kamolporn Nadee, deputy investigation inspector at Bang Lamung District Police Station, told The Mirror, according to The Independent.

On Saturday around 7:30 p.m., 33-year-old Nathy Odinson allegedly jumped from the roof of a 29-story building in Pattaya using a small base jump parachute while filming a stunt for his Facebook page, which has “more than 10,000” subscribers, according to British media.

In a video shared on social media showing the thirty-year-old's final moments, we can see him inspecting his equipment before diving into the void after a short countdown.

“See you soon!” We hear his friend behind the camera throwing a camera attached to his helmet at him as he throws himself off the roof.

However, the parachute would not have deployed as planned, meaning the Briton would have been thrown towards a tree in front of witnesses who contacted authorities before completing his fall to the ground.

According to security officials interviewed at the scene, this was not the first time the thrill-seeker had climbed onto the roof without permission to perform the stunt, according to local newspaper The Nation.

Unlike skydiving, base jumpers would only rely on a single parachute to break their fall, according to The Independent.

This sport is also considered more dangerous because participants only have seconds to react and often must maneuver close to structures such as buildings or obstacles that the jumper could collide with.