Hellboy: The Crooked Man | Character wins reboot with script by Mike Mignola

The character hellboy will return to the big screen, but this time with a new look. The film will get a new complete reboot and this time the script will be in the hands of for the first time Mike Mignola, creator of the comics. The information comes from Deadline.

This was revealed by the production company Millennium Media Brian Taylor (Ghost Rider and Adrenaline) will direct the new feature film entitled Hellboy: The crooked manwritten by Mignola and Chris Golden. Negotiations with the cast are almost complete and filming is scheduled to begin in March.

In the new feature film, set to kick off a new film series, Hellboy and a rookie agent for the Paranormal Research and Defense Agency, trapped in a mountain range in the 1950s, discover a small community haunted by witches led by a local demon with a disturbing connection to Hellboy: The Crooked Man’s past.

Hellboy was released in 2004 in a film directed by Guillermo Del Toro and starring Ron Perlman. The feature film won a 2008 sequel with The Golden Army, which left a hook for a third that Mexican filmmaker said would feature Vermilion as the beast of the apocalypse.

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