1707983161 Helldivers 2 a new must have video game for science fiction

“Helldivers 2”: a new must-have video game for science fiction fans

Exciting action scenes, intense fights, a narrative peppered with satirical humor… No doubt, Hell variety 2 is a complete success that we won't get tired of anytime soon.

The Helldivers franchise has come a long way since its launch in 2015. In fact, this long-awaited sequel ultimately has little in common with the original chapter, surpassing it in every way.

Not only are we presenting a more refined aesthetic, but we are also now abandoning the classic isometric view – what a wise decision! – for the benefit of the third person, who can make the experience both more intense and dynamic.

However, we are catapulted into the same dystopian universe where humanity is now settled on a new planet: Super-Earth. However, as this is threatened by various alien species, it is up to the army of Helldivers – of which the player is apparently a part – to destroy these entomological enemies in order to restore and then maintain peace and freedom.

“Helldivers 2”: a new must-have video game for science fiction fans

Photo provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment

Impressive arsenal

It doesn't take long to show us what Helldivers are capable of. In the first few seconds of the game, the player is immersed in a series of hectic tutorials designed to familiarize him with all the tools at his disposal to stop these creatures.

And when it comes to getting into the game, we don't make it easy. Weapons of all kinds, devastating grenades, shield generators, aerial resource drops are just some of the tools available to carry out the various missions on offer. It's brutal, it's breathless, but most of all, decimating the hordes of alien creatures at a breathtaking pace is honestly exhilarating.

In short, Helldivers 2 is immediately a new must-have for fans of the genre.

Helldiverse 2 ★★★★☆