Here are 5 of the best cities to visit in

Here are 5 of the best cities to visit in 2024

Paradisiacal beach of Kroreza or Krorez on the Albanian Riviera in Saranda, Albania / By unai / AdobeStock for VVA – Visas & Travel

VVA – Visa & Travel. Are you looking for a little-known destination for your vacation? Albania is an excellent travel destination that is still protected from overtourism. The country actually promises to soon be a popular summer travel destination.

With 363 km of coastline washed by the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, Albania has many magnificent sandy beaches, secluded coves and seas that are often compared to those of the Caribbean.

In addition to its countless beach options, the country also offers picturesque landscapes and numerous cities, some of which are more touristy than others. Here is a list of the best cities in Albania selected by Euronews media.

Apollonia: one of the oldest cities in Albania

It is one of the oldest cities in Albania where you can explore a vast site of Greek ruins. Despite its historical value and tourist significance, this site is incredibly well preserved and surprisingly empty.

Visitors have the opportunity to view the surviving temple facade, a theater and various other ancient monuments and ruins. At the site you will also find a magnificent medieval church dedicated to Sainte-Marie, showing the rapid Christianization of the region.

Vlora: near Italy

Located just 72 km from the Italian coast south of Tirana, the city of Vlore is also one of the most historic cities in Albania. His birth dates back to the 6th century BC. BC.

Close to town is Jal Beach, a beautiful, secluded and quiet beach. The city also has one of the most famous natural harbors in the country, at the end of which is the island of Sazan.

Dhërmi: the essential stopover on a trip to Albania

Located halfway between Vlora and Saranda on the Ionian coast, the village of Dhërmi is an essential stop for any stay on the Albanian Riviera. It is known for its landscapes with turquoise sea and the Ceraunian Mountains in the background.

This village is one of the most visited tourist places on the entire Albanian coast. Not far from Dhërmi Beach you can visit the Pirate Cave, accessible by boat or ferry.

Borsh: Ideal for swimming on the Albanian Riviera

This maritime village on the Albanian Riviera is the ideal place for a refreshing swim in the clear water while enjoying a view of a beautiful mountain landscape. It has a population of about 1,000 and is part of the Himara Municipality.

Borsh is best known for its beach, the longest in the region, and for its springs that rise from the mountain and offer a very beautiful panorama from the fortress that dominates the village.

Saranda: one of the most important tourist cities in Albania

Saranda is located in the extreme southwest of Albania on the Ionian Sea. It is one of the main tourist resorts on the Ionian coast and is close to the UNESCO World Heritage Butrint National Park.

Visitors can explore Ksamil Beach, where there are four small islands covered with Mediterranean vegetation. From Saranda you can take a trip to the ruins of Butrint.

The place is also just 9 km from the Greek island of Corfu, from where you can take trips to the Greek island. In fact, there are numerous daily connections between Saranda and Corfu.


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