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Here are the top 100 video games ranked by experts. Do you agree with them? – jeuxvideo.com

Gaming News Here are the top 100 video games ranked by experts. Do you agree with them?

Published on 05/13/2023 at 14:15

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A ranking of the 100 best games in history was made by a hundred experts. Do you agree?

On May 10, 2023, GQ will publish its ranking of the “100 Best Games of All Time, Ranked by Experts”. A selection that caused a stir in the press and on the networks because of the choices made. Star Wars, Super Mario Bros., Fable, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy… most major licenses are available. We also note the presence of independent productions that have had their moment of glory: The Return of the Obra Dinn, Firewatch or Undertale are on the list. There was also no lack of evidence. ; Of the 652 games submitted to GQ, it is of course Breath of the Wild that dethrones the rest. It “not only received the most votes, but also took first place more times than any other competitive game”.

The Nintendo Switch’s awesome launch game changed the way many viewed open-world experiences. Huge in size, deeply systemic, with a totally free-spirited approach to exploration, combat, and puzzle-solving. Few games offer a comparable breadth of experimental play, and few give the player such a sense of authority over their own discoveries. The sequel Tears of the Kingdom has a remarkable legacy to show for itself.

Here are the top 100 video games ranked by experts.  Do you agree with them?

The final top 10 is described by GQ as a “mixture of new, old and very old, blockbuster and independent films of all genres from studios around the world”. Note, however, that the only game developed outside of the 1990s that makes the top 10 is the legendary Tetris. And despite the generosity of the list, many notable absentees regret it.

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Who created the ranking?

No fewer than 300 industry experts were consulted to create this ultimate ranking. A fairly eclectic panel that includes video game developers, journalists but also influential figures who in turn offered a subjective top 10 of their favorite games. Therefore, as I’m sure you’ll understand, the list doesn’t include rating or popularity criteria, and Metacritic isn’t included in the equation.

So we’ve given the entire industry a blank canvas to set their own “best” criteria to see how the selected games differ from and resemble the traditionally accepted canon. To that end, we’ve assembled a large collective of our favorite developers, streamers, directors, and journalists. It’s like the Avengers have assembled

Each voter had one task to perform: create a personal ranking of the top ten games. The first placed game receives 10 points. A 10th place game earns 1 point. We invited 300 people to participate and received 239 final lists, with an incredible 652 games receiving one or more votes – GQ

The list of participants can be found at the very end of the article; So we can see the names of the employees of Blizzard, Gearbox, Xbox, Riot Forge, CD Projekt Red, Crystal Dynamics, Insomniac, Obsidian, Bethesda and a whole host of other medium and large studios that make up the video game landscape. Alongside this, English speaking journalists from EDGE, PC Gamer, The Guardian, Eurogamer and even VGC added their stone to the building.

Here are the top 100 video games ranked by experts.  Do you agree with them?

Legitimate or outrageous?

Reactions came quickly on the internet. “Honestly, we’re a bit surprised that Super Mario World and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (#14 and #13 respectively) didn’t make the top 10, but we’re really excited that Breath of the Wild is coming out. “Definitely at the top,” writes Nintendo Life, also suggesting that any site that publishes its own list of the greatest games of all time would likely place Breath of the Wild in the top 10. Most of the criticisms relate in particular to the complete lack of licenses firmly anchored in popular culture, such as Assassin’s Creed, among others., whose countless works nonetheless cause noticeable enthusiasm every year. Others will bitterly note that Red Dead Redemption II only appears at number 15, offering a gigantic living open world that has a Metascore of 97. Rockstar can continue to bet on its largest license GTA. However, the top-ranked game of the famous series, Grand Theft Auto V, only ranks 48th after going through several generations of consoles and multiplying an impressive number of sales records.

“GQ just released an embarrassing top 100 video game list, with Zelda in first place… The list mentions no hits like Mortal Kombat, only one entry from Treyarch, hardly any previous Sony GOTYs, and no such criteria. than a Metacritic.” Score…” writes Geeked Up. In fact, the only fighting game to make the final list is Capcom’s groundbreaking Street Fighter II, which comes in at #27. Some just don’t agree with the assigned spots: “I love BotW and TLoU, but Tetris is the best game ever. It’s timeless. We’ll still play it when we’re all gone,” says Dom, as Goblin Butler said, “I can confirm that GQ’s top 100 games list is indeed bad. There isn’t a single Dragon Quest and the worst Mass Effect game (Mass Effect 2) ranks higher than the best Mass Effect game (the first). At the end of the day, it is a genuine debate of opinion, which, quite logically, arises from a choice based solely on personal taste, a phenomenon which is ultimately quite natural.

The DailyMail also notes a comment from a user on Reddit who responded to the list by saying: “I still don’t think it’s a particularly interesting list because it boils down to the same choices we always see but that doesn’t matter.” . Another said: “How do you become a video game review expert? Is there an exam to get a license?” For his part, Kotaku tempered:

To GQ’s credit, the ranking of the best video games seems less affected by repeat errors than it often is. For example, popular games like Supergiant Games’ roguelike Hades (#38) ranked worse than Konami’s 2001 cult horror film Silent Hill 2 (#37) and 2022’s Elden Ring (#20) ranked below Doom in 1993. Even groundbreaking ones Games like Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss (#95) make GQ’s Best Games of All Time list.

Does the ranking of the 100 best games in the history of GQ seem relevant to you? Don’t hesitate to let us know what you think in the comments.

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