Here is the new resident Ron on the floor

Here is the new resident: “Ron on the floor”

Award-winning Latin rapper, songwriter, producer, filmmaker, visionary and activist. René Perez Joglarknown as residentsPremieres “Rum on the floor”Share it with your followers Texts and film images that applaud his past and present.

The six-minute video showcases all areas of his life, starting with his family, the iconic group Calle 13and many highlights of his most impressive moments. Residente celebrates his personal and professional victories and his downfalls, allowing fans to understand the evolution of life and the change in who one becomes over time.

Before releasing the video, Residente directed two “trailers” to preview the song on social media. The first trailer showed the actor and comedian, John Leguizamo, with gestures representing Residente's dissatisfaction with life and painterly symbolism through glasses of rum, and body movements for the ups and downs the artist faces. For the second trailer, Residente reminisced about his life by entering the iconic Firehouse Cinema theater in New York City, where he reflected on old images revealed in the music video that he was leaving the past behind. At the end of the music video, he is surrounded by all the people who were part of his life, who were highlights of his memories, and he worked to close a chapter by saying a greeting and saying goodbye to his former self.

The piece was directed by Residente and produced by 1868 Studios in collaboration with Zapatero Flims and World Junkies. The single and video were released by 5020 Records, a new label under SONY Music USA.