Heres the new version of Pink Floyds old classic Money

Here’s the new version of “Money”, an old Pink Floyd classic, covered by Roger Waters (…and it’s not too bad) – Le Journal de Québec

Roger Waters has released his new version of Moneythe great classic of the group Pink Floyd, two days ago.

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We can hear his unique reinterpretation of the song on Spotify and YouTube, in a minimalistic video with a dog in the background nodding its head as the lyrics roll before our eyes.

Roger Waters offers a stripped down version of the old classic. His voice takes on the accents of Tom Waits and Johnny Cash. According to initial reviews, the result is either “pretentious” or “unnecessary”. Others are tougher, accusing him of committing “sacrilege” by touching a classic. You can make up your own mind by listening to his new version here:

At the same time, Roger Waters announced that his ambitious revival project The Dark Side Of The Moon would be released on October 6th. He had previously announced that he was working on a reinterpretation of one of the most famous and iconic albums in music history.

The Dark Side Of The Moon was recorded by Pink Floyd when Waters was just 29 and celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. His project did not get the approval of the former members of the group, especially David Gilmour.

With “The Dark Side Of The Moon Redux” Roger Waters wants to revisit his early work by incorporating his own life experiences. On September 6th he celebrates his 80th birthday.