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Here’s who would replace Gino Chouinard at Salut Bonjour – Le Journal de Montréal

After months of rumors and speculation, tension has increased over who will replace Gino Chouinard at the helm Hello Hello is finally finished!

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Almost a year to the day after the host announced on-air his decision to step away from the morning show, here we are 7 days will be convened tomorrow morning, Tuesday 28 November, for the official unveiling of the person who will take up the torch.

In recent months, several names have been circulating, viewers have expressed their hypotheses and some Quebec stars have even expressed their interest.

According to our sources Eve Marie Lortie would be the new presenter of Salut Bonjour. With her experience in running Hello hello weekend For 20 years, this would be an obvious choice.

Gino Chouinard will finish his season by then.

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