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Herzog assures that his words "were misrepresented" in the proceedings against Israel before the International Court of Justice

Jerusalem, January 28 (EFE). – Israeli President Isaac Herzog today responded to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling that ordered the country to “take measures” to “prevent” genocide in Gaza, saying Israel had the right to do so. to defend himself, asserting that his words had been “distorted” in the process initiated by South Africa.

In its accusation of genocide before the court, South Africa used statements by senior Israeli officials – including Benjamin Netanyahu and Herzog himself – as examples of “incitement” by Israeli authorities, something Herzog condemned today.

“There is something shocking about seeing the 'post-truth' phenomenon permeate even the most important institutions,” Herzog claimed in a speech at an event at his official residence where he publicly responded for the first time to the International Court of Justice's ruling responded last Friday.

“I was personally even outraged by the way they distorted my words, using very incomplete and fragmented quotes, with the intention of supporting an unfounded legal argument,” said the Israeli head of state.

According to him, his statements were manipulated. “A few days after the terrible massacre (caused by Hamas), when media around the world asked me about the situation in Gaza, I replied that the widespread support in Gaza for the crimes and atrocities of October 7 could not be ignored. “.

“Hamas acts from the hearts of civilians everywhere, from the children's rooms of homes, schools, mosques and hospitals, but I added and emphasized that for the State of Israel – and of course for me personally – innocent civilians are not viewed as objective. “Anyway,” said Herzog.

He added that Israel takes the “humanitarian aspect” of its military offensive “with great importance” and is “committed to international law and acts in accordance with it.”

“There are also innocent Palestinians in Gaza. I deeply regret the tragedy they are going through,” he added. In return, he assured that he had worked “from the first day of the war” to ensure that humanitarian aid arrived for the civilian population of the enclave.

The International Court of Justice, the United Nations' highest court, called on Israel on Friday to “take all measures at its disposal to prevent the commission of genocide” and to take “immediate and effective measures” for access to humanitarian aid , but avoided calling for a “ceasefire,” a precautionary measure like that called for by South Africa, which accused the Jewish state of “genocidal intent” in Gaza.

After his verdict, Prime Minister Netanyahu responded by assuring that the accusation of genocide against Israel was “not only false but scandalous” and welcomed the court's failure to order an immediate cessation of hostilities in Gaza, where Israel has been since the start of its offensive The war has already claimed more than 26,400 lives. EFE