Hezbollah attacked northern Israel following the bombing that killed a

Hezbollah attacked northern Israel following the bombing that killed a senior terrorist commander

Hezbollah attacked positions in northern Israel (Portal/Ali Hashisho)

Hezbollah fired dozens of rockets into northern Israel on Thursdayafter the bombings in southern Lebanon that killed 15 people, including a senior commander of the terrorist group.

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“In the initial reaction to the massacres [en las localidades libanesas] Islamic Resistance fighters fired dozens of Katiusha rockets in the Nabatieh and Sawaneh areas [la ciudad israelí de] Kiryat Shmona,” on the border with Lebanon, pointed to the Lebanese extremist movement in a statement.

The Iranian regime-backed terrorist group also claimed responsibility for a series of attacks on Israeli military positions near the border.

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He also made three different statements the deaths of three of its fighters in Israeli bombingsThis brings the number of Hezbollah terrorists killed since Wednesday to eight.

The Israeli army, for its part, confirmed on Thursday that it had killed an identified commander of the movement Ali al Debsalong with his deputy Ibrahim Issa and another militant in a bomb attack on Wednesday at a building in Nabatieh, southern Lebanon.

Senior Hezbollah commander Ali Muhammad al-Debies killed in Israeli bombing

According to a Lebanese security source, seven civilians belonging to the same family were also killed in the attack.

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The family was on the first floor of the building while the Hezbollah members were on the ground floor, the source said.

An AFP photographer confirmed that the first and ground floors of the building were destroyed.

According to the National Information Agency (ANI), rescuers retrieved the bodies of seven civilians from the rubble, including five women and a child.

According to the IDF, al-Eres, commander of the Radwan ForceHe was one of the masterminds of the bombing of the Megiddo border crossing in northern Israel in March 2023 and planned and carried out further attacks, including during the current conflict.

The IDF also attacked several of the terrorist group's positions in Blida and Maroun al-Ras in southern Lebanon in the last few hours.

Israeli soldiers near the Israel-Lebanon border (Portal/Ronen Zvulun)

In this regard, the Israeli Defense Minister said, Yoav Gallantwarned that “the Air Force planes currently flying in the skies over Lebanon have heavier bombs for more distant targets.”

“We are relentlessly increasing attacks and Hezbollah is paying an ever-increasing price. The next campaign will be a very strong offensive and we will use all our tools and skills,” warned the Chief of the General Staff of the Israeli Army. Dear Halevion a trip to northern communities.

The United Nations denounced a “dangerous escalation” of violence that broke out between Israel and Hamas the day after the Gaza war began. The international organization has described the increase in civilian casualties due to the recent escalation of attacks on the Lebanon-Israel border as “extremely worrying”. reminded all parties that “the laws of war are clear.”

“The parties must protect the civilian population,” emphasized the UN humanitarian coordinator for Lebanon. Imran Rizain a statement in which he recalled that the population is never a legitimate “target”, even in conflict situations.

The conflict, which began on October 7, has heightened tensions on the border between Israel and Lebanon, where exchanges of fire occur daily. Since then, the worst border conflicts have been recorded since the 2006 war.

A spokesman for the UN Transitional Force in Lebanon, Andrea TenentiIn a statement, he called on “all parties concerned to immediately cease hostilities.”

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