Hezbollah confirms the death of four of its members in

Hezbollah confirms the death of four of its members in a new Israeli attack on southern Lebanon

The Lebanese Shiite militia party Hezbollah confirmed on Thursday the deaths of four of its members in an attack by the Israeli army late on Wednesday evening in southern Lebanon as part of the clashes that erupted after the October 7 attacks by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas). The group has indicated in a series of statements that the dead were Hussein Hadi Yazbak, Hadi Ali Reda, Hussein Ali Muhamad Ghazala and Ibrahim Afif Fahs, who, according to the Lebanese, “rose as martyrs on the way to Jerusalem are”. Al Manar television station, affiliated with Hezbollah. He also assured that he had carried out several attacks against northern Israel during the day on Wednesday, including one against “a group of soldiers” near the border using “appropriate weapons,” without giving further details. Hours earlier, the group's secretary general, Hasan Nasrallah, had described as “blatant Israeli aggression” the attack carried out in the capital Beirut on Tuesday, which killed the “number two” of Hamas' political wing, Salé al Aruri, as “blatant Israeli aggression.” Members of the Palestinian Islamist group. Nasrallah claimed that what happened was “very dangerous” as “it was the first time something like this had happened since 2006” – alluding to the war that year – while stressing that “the crime will not go unpunished.” He warned that Hezbollah would have “no limits or rules” when it comes to confronting Israel if war breaks out. Acting Lebanese Foreign Minister Abdullah Bu Habib announced on Tuesday that the government was in contact with the group to “convince” them that they should “not react” to Al Aruri's death. “We are very worried. “The Lebanese do not want to be drawn (into a war with Israel),” he said in statements to British broadcaster BBC 4. Iran-backed Hezbollah has carried out dozens of drone and projectile attacks against northern Israel since Hamas attacks, killing nearly 1,200 The deaths and around 240 kidnappings triggered an Israeli offensive against Gaza that has so far killed more than 22,300 people, a situation that has raised fears of the conflict spreading to neighboring Lebanon and even the incumbent prime minister At the end of December, Lebanese Minister Nayib Mikati emphasized the importance of “implementing” international resolutions on the border with Israel and called for the “withdrawal” of Israeli forces from the “occupied territories.” “There is a solution.” is to apply international resolutions,” he concluded.