Hezbollah rockets hit Israeli military bases 26th edition

Hezbollah rockets hit Israeli military bases 26th edition


The Islamic Resistance Movement of Lebanon (Hezbollah) reported on Monday that it had carried out a rocket attack on Israeli regime bases in northern occupied Palestine.

According to a Hezbollah statement, the militants fired rockets this Sunday at Israeli military bases in Jirbat Maer in southern Lebanon, which borders the occupied Palestinian territories.

According to the note, the operations were carried out using two “Falaq 1” missiles. In addition, Hezbollah fighters fired “Burkan” rockets at the Israeli Al-Rahib base.

According to the Lebanese movement, all targets were directly destroyed.

Since October 7, 2023, Hezbollah has fired rockets at Israeli positions in repeated missions and has pledged to continue doing so until the bombardment of Gaza ends.

Since the beginning of Israel's war on the Gaza Strip, the Lebanese movement has intensified its operations against Israeli sites, bases, barracks, troop deployments and positions along the border in defense of Lebanon's sovereignty and in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The Lebanese group announced the deaths of three of its fighters, but gave no details on how or where they died.

According to the Lebanese National News Agency, Israel's attacks also targeted other southern areas of the Mediterranean country, such as the cities of Hula and Markaba, which were the scene of bombings, artillery attacks and white phosphorus attacks this Sunday.

For its part, the Israeli army announced this Sunday that it had attacked Hezbollah military posts in the southern Lebanese cities of Zibqin, Hula, Marwahin, Dayra and Ayta as Shab in response to the firing of rockets and drones into Israel.

The positions attacked by Israeli forces include “military complexes, observation posts and military sites,” as well as “a command center” and other points “with tanks and artillery,” according to a military statement.