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Hogwarts Legacy: Presentation of the Room of Requirement and its Secrets – Xboxygen

Among the games talking about it in February, Hogwarts Legacy obviously takes the lead. Avalanche Software’s Baby has been out for a week now and is a hit in Europe. He was also present during the IGN Fan Fest to reveal some details about an important element of the adventure.

The Room of Requirement and its mysteries

Hogwarts Legacy no cross save but 4 save slots available

The Room of Requirement is an important part of the wizarding universe story and of course present in the game, and it was Alan Tew, game director at Avalanche, who came to present it. In particular, he explained the different room customization options and how the player can use them to create a unique environment that perfectly suits their needs.

In the game you can craft different things, create potions and lift the veil of certain mysteries. The player can fully customize it with furniture, decorative elements such as paintings or carpets and also take care of his magical creatures.

Showcasing some of its capabilities, the presentation most notably showcased the attention to detail the studio displays to stay true to this fan-loved universe. You can find it in full below.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now for Xbox Series X|S, PC and PS5 and is still being sold at a discount at several retailers. The Xbox One and PS4 versions are still scheduled for April 4th, while Nintendo Switch players will have to wait until July 25th, 2023 to enjoy the game.