Homeless man saves five puppies after mother dies

Homeless man saves five puppies after mother dies

A homeless North Carolina man who saved a litter of five puppies by taking them to an animal shelter after his mother's death left an “inspirational” letter there that shocked social media.

One morning at the beginning of January, the garbage workers discovered five puppies, almost two months old, at the door of the facility, accompanied by a handwritten letter that did not leave you indifferent.

“After the storm that hit our region, we experienced something that both broke and warmed our hearts,” the Fayetteville animal shelter said on its Facebook page, welcoming the homeless man’s gesture.

“I am sorry to leave her like this, but I am homeless myself and do not have the means to take care of her,” the Good Samaritan apologized, adding: “My heart cries for her and for her mother. ” according to Belgian media 7Sur7.

“I hope they get a chance. A chance her mother and I didn't have. Please don't think badly of me. I didn't feel good leaving her out in the cold waiting for a mother who didn't come home,” the anonymous man wrote.

“Your empathy while facing adversity yourself gives us hope and inspires us,” the shelter team responded, promising “honor.” [son] I am making a selfless gesture by giving these puppies all the love and care they deserve.