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Horizon Forbidden West: Is the Burning Shores DLC worth it? – Geek Diary

Since April 19, owners of Horizon Forbidden West have the opportunity to get their hands on the very first and certainly only expansion DLC for the game, entitled Burning Shores, which introduces a new part of Aloy’s story after the events with the zeniths. Is it worth buying? After testing it, here is our answer.

What new content does Burning Shores bring to Horizon Forbidden West?

The Burning Shores DLC continues Aloy’s story where we left off at the end of Horizon Forbidden West. After the final battle, the young warrior receives a call from Sylens, asking her to investigate a threat in the far west of the country, where the city of Los Angeles once resided. As our heroine goes there, she realizes that it is now a region plagued by extraordinary volcanic activity, and that there awaits an enemy greater than anything she has faced before. She also encounters Seyka, whose clan is also in danger.

So it’s up to Aloy again to save the day with the help of her undeniable fighting skills, her focus but also her special genetics. In addition to the story, the Burning Shores DLC brings us new elements such as new machines and new mechanics. This is the case with the installation of beacons that allow the heroines to climb even if the path is damaged.

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Go to the limits

We are transported to a whole new region that is not attached to the original game’s map. So the ecosystem is completely closed. Overall, the extension inserts Lifetime between 7 and 10 hours during which the main quest and side missions follow each other. We find in this small map everything that contains the rest of the game, namely traders, points of interest, data points, machine locations, etc.

On the narrative side, the story begins again on a path connected to the Zeniths and Nemesis, so we’re not out of place at that level. The plot is interesting, plausible and doesn’t rub off on the rest of the title. It continues to bolster the lore of certain tribes like the Quens, and brings with it its share of challenges. It’s interesting to follow Aloy’s collaboration with Seyka because it brings depth to the female characters. The difficulty of the gameplay shouldn’t shock you if you played the game for fifty hours before starting the expansion.

It’s safe to say that Burning Shores is a worthwhile experience. This is a welcome clip that will immerse you in the tormented world of Horizon for a few hours without going in circles. What we learn there remains useful for the sequel and opens up other possibilities compared to the ending of Forbidden West. We think its animations and cutscenes are even better than before, so it’s always a pleasure to dive back into the title.

As a reminder, Burning Shores is available on PlayStation Store for €19.99.

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