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House for sale: New owners find a head in an old, abandoned freezer

The new owners of a home in Colorado in the United States experienced a very unpleasant surprise when they took possession of their new home around mid-January when they discovered human remains in an old, abandoned freezer.

“The new owners of the house posted online that they wanted to sell a lot of left-behind trash, scrap metal and items that people could reuse. And there was a freezer provided for takeout,” Sam Troester, a neighbor who lives across the street, told 9 News on Monday, according to The Independent.

On January 12, the Mesa County Sheriff's Office in Colorado was called to the Grand Junction home for a “suspicious incident” in which a head and hands were found in a freezer.

Other human remains have yet to be identified after they were found by those “cleaning the recently sold property,” police said in a news release.

According to the neighbor, the previous owners had left the house in the morning and made way for the new owners.

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There are currently many unanswered questions in this murder case and the agency has asked the public to contact them with any information to advance the investigation.

“Our hope is to positively identify the victim while remaining respectful to her and her family,” the sheriff's office said in a statement, according to British media.

“These types of tests take a long time and we again ask the public for patience while this investigation continues,” he concluded, according to The Independent.