Houthi threaten the US Long term confrontation with the forces

Houthi threaten the US: “Long term confrontation with the forces…

The Iranian-backed militia in Yemen tells the US it is prepared for a “long-term confrontation”. The US and Britain are bombing Houthi targets in Yemen after the rebels attacked several ships in the Red Sea.

The Houthis in Yemen, who have repeatedly attacked merchant ships in the Red Sea, are threatening the United States and Britain with a long-running conflict. “We are prepared for a long-term confrontation with the forces of tyranny,” explains the commander of the Houthi troops, Mohamed al-Atifi, referring to the USA and Great Britain.

They repeatedly bombed Iranian-backed Houthi positions after the rebel group attacked the key Red Sea shipping route. The Houthis show their solidarity with the fight of radical Islamist Hamas in the Gaza Strip against Israel. (APA/Portal)

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