Houthis Un ed by Western Attacks Fighting in the Red

Houthis Un ed by Western Attacks: Fighting in the Red…

The radical Islamic Houthi rebels are demonstrating that they will continue the fight with all their might despite Western attacks on their positions – and are announcing further attacks. Experts demand that the US supply the Yemeni government with weapons and train soldiers.

Three months after beginning their attacks on ships in the Red Sea, one of the world's most important shipping lanes, Yemen's radical Islamic Houthi rebels demonstrate that they can permanently resist military pressure from the West. There is a risk of an escalation with devastating consequences for world trade.

The latest Houthi attack on a merchant ship was immediately followed by a new wave of US-British airstrikes against rebel bases in Yemen over the weekend. A Houthi spokesman then announced new attacks on ships. The US government has admitted that the Houthis cannot be defeated with airstrikes. Conservatives in the US therefore demand that Washington arm the Yemeni government to fight the Houthis.

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