How can you increase your concentration in the long term

How can you increase your concentration in the long term?

Over the years, the ability to concentrate has decreased significantly. This is due to several phenomena, including the intensive use of continuous social networks. Discover our methods to understand how to increase your concentration in the long term.

Increase concentration in the long term

State of the ability to concentrate in 2024

With more and more distractions, it can be difficult to stay focused. Nowadays the ability to concentrate is 8 seconds per person, this idea depends on the generations. Young people growing up with digital devices and social media see this Concentration time decreases significant.

A meta-analysis conducted worldwide by Vivendi Brand Marketing confirms this the impact of digital practices Generation Z (after 1995) and Alpha (2010 to 2024). They are highly connected and big consumers of digital content, but also fans of continuous streaming. In fact, the ability to concentrate is significantly limited by droom scrolling and instant videos like Instagram Reels and, more recently, TikTok. This content, much appreciated by these generations, only lasts a few seconds and limits the ability to concentrate. Due to lack of exercise, the brain has atrophied somewhat.

However, the normal concentration capacity would be 75 to 90 minutes. Older generations are able to focus more and live a lifestyle away from fast-paced social media. They also held up Habits that stimulate the brain like reading, movies, crossword puzzles, gardening…
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Train your brain to increase your concentration in the long term

The brain requires constant stimulation through challenges, creative, physical and educational activities Improving concentration and well-being. Information overload, like doomscrolling, has a negative impact on concentration. Younger generations have been shown to be more anxious and affected by stress. Using different daily methods can help stimulate the brain.

  • Games challenge the brain and stimulate thinking functions. Some games as ChessTHE Crossword puzzleA puzzle, puzzles or Sudoku have a positive influence on the ability to concentrate. Practicing sports and entertaining activities also helps stimulate the brain.
  • Meditation helps the brain strengthen its muscles and reduce stress-related hormones that can affect concentration. With daily meditation, rumination decreases and brain capacity increases.
  • Nature walks and mindfulness. Lack of concentration can be associated with a constant stream of toxic thoughts that prevent individuals from focusing on their tasks. It helps to get some fresh air while focusing on the present moment relax and deal with stress and frustration.
  • Eat a healthy diet and consume good fats: Omega 3 and 6. They help maintain brain function. They are mainly found in fatty fish, vegetable oils, dried fruits, oilseeds (walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, etc.).
  • By taking supplements you get all the nutrients necessary for good brain health: Zinc, magnesium, omegas, vitamins E and B. It is quite possible to find these contributions in the diet, but it is necessary to be strict. Dietary supplements provide temporary cures to bring the body's nutrient needs back into balance.

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Simple methods to concentrate better

There are Organization techniques to increase your ability to concentrate. Whether at work, in class, while studying or simply watching a film without distraction.

  • The Pomodoro Method suggests taking 5-minute breaks after 25 minutes of work, which increases efficiency and reduces brain fatigue. Applications like Plantie allow you to manage this technique in a fun way.
  • Ultradian cycles encourage 90 minutes of work followed by a 30 minute to 1 hour break at each person's convenience.
  • Single-tasking involves focusing on one task at a time and using a list to organize and eliminate tasks one at a time.
  • Smartphones offer options to limit the time spent on certain applications to control information disclosure Reduce screen time. This makes it possible to effectively control the use of social networks and increase concentration time.

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Written by Camille V.


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