How do Las Ketchup the singers of the hit Asereje

How do “Las Ketchup”, the singers of the hit “Aserejé”, see themselves and what are they doing today? People Culture

In 2002, a song became very popular in countries such as England, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Brazil, Thailand, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, Japan and Mexico, among others “Aserejé”, song by the group “Las Ketchup”.

The members were Lucía, Lola and Pilar Muñozthree sisters who named their group that name in honor of and as a reference to their father, the guitarist from Cordoba Juan Muñoz, nicknamed “The Tomato”.

They named their first album the same way “The Daughters of the Tomato” in which strangely enough 'Aserejé', was the only song they didn't write.

The theme was created by the producer Manuel Ruiz “Queco” Gomez, but first it should be proposed to Remedios Amaya and the Gypsy Kings. “The Ketchups” signed the man to their record label “Shaketown Music” and After its release, the song became the hit of the summer.

The musical trio was distinguished by the fact that it a musical mix of flamenco and “Europop” this paved the way for artists like Rosalía.

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Fans also liked the dance that accompanied this single.which can still be seen at parties today, even though 22 years have passed since its release.

That was the success of “Aserejé,” which sold seven million copies according to “Eurovision,” placing it at number 103 one of the best-selling songs in the history of world music.

This song made its debut in the video game “EyeToy: Ritmo loco” and appeared shortly after in “Just Dance 4”, as a dance and karaoke song at the same time. Additionally, it was included in the PSP game Hatsune Miku: Project Diva as a version played by Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, Kagamine Rin and Len, Meiko and Kaito.

“Las Ketchup” won awards such as: Revelation Group, Ondas Award, Amigo Award, Latin Billboard Award (which they also won for Best New Generation Pop Album) and the Fair MIDEM Record in Cannes.

What does “Asereje” mean?

Remember, your father, you will love it, you will love it and you will not mind“, is part of the lyrics of the song, which was popular for its catchy rhythm and dance, but baffled many because they didn't know what it meant.

In 2002, there were some who believed that it was probably a “satanic” song, but it was later revealed that it was a “Spanglish” version of the first few bars of, according to Rolling Stone “Rapper's Delight” by American hip-hop trio The Sugarhill Gang.

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“The story is that Diego is a fan, the song is about Diego, not us. Diego likes “Rappers Delight” by the Sugarhill Gang, so Diego goes out on the street, Diego has a drink, Diego settles down, and now Diego goes to the disco to hear the song he likes. , and he gets the same as me, because if I wanted to sing this rap, then “Aserejé” would come out, because since I don't know much about English, they gave “Las Ketchup” to “Rolling Stone”.

Before this song was released, the sisters lived in anonymity; Pilar wanted to be an actress, Lola studied labor science and Lucía had a beauty salon.

When they became famous, they began to travel to different countries and no longer saw their homeland. Due to its popularity, they were invited to participate With their new song “Bloody Mary” they took 21st out of 24 places at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006because his presentation in the competition was considered “disastrous”.

Today, women They continue to sing “Aserejé” at public events and in countries like Norway or Brazil, this can be seen on their Instagram profile.

Her private life is kept away from the public, but this is known Pilar works in the music industry, as well as in the theater and film sector, where she works as an actress and screenwriter. Lola decided to study flamencology and write his father's biography. In the meantime, Lucía has turned her attention to her family.

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