How dry he is to you

“How dry he is to you

Larissa Manoela appears dancing in a bikini next to her husband and a controversial comment steals the show.

Larissa Manoela appears dancing in a bikini next to her husband and a controversial comment steals the show.

Photo: Instagram / Purepeople

Larissa Manoela It is Andre Luiz Frambach What They kissed often during Carnival 2024, the parties aren't over yet. This time the couple celebrates the actor's 27th birthday, which was celebrated this Thursday (15). However, an earlier post on social media caused controversy.

André Luiz's birthday celebrations began with a private party on Ash Wednesday (14). Larissa Manoela, married to the artist since the end of last year, has created a publication carousel with some moments of the day.

In one of the videos, Larissa Manoela appeared dancing while wearing only a black bikini with silver fringes and her husband in a swimsuit of the same color. Despite the couple's synchronized choreography and lots of smiles, one netizen criticized their interaction.

How is it dry for you? Did you notice this little dance? No exchange of glances“, criticized one woman in the comments. The content caused controversy and many reactions ranging from approval to insults to the netizen.

Lari and André did not attach any importance to commenting on the matter in their social networks. The couple's beautiful photos and videos have also been praised by celebrities such as Maisa Silva and thousands of fans.

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