how it works and what it costs

how it works and what it costs

Today, November 3, 2022, at 5 p.m. the new economic plan of the Netflix called “Base with Ads”. In a sense it is a historical moment for the entertainment industry, because with the inclusion of commercials in a subscription that the user has to pay for two worlds of linear and on-demand TV they finally merge. The other three Netflix plans remain in place and aren’t experiencing any price increases at this time.

Netflix: The new plan with advertising

Netflix Base with advertising costs €5.49 per month and it’s very similar to the Basic plan that has always been there, apart from the price and location. Offers nearly Entire Netflix Catalog: Very little content is unavailable due to broadcast license issues, but Netflix is ​​working hard to resolve the latest legal issues.

It has the same quality as the basic plan, ie 720pthe same bitrate and the same maximum number of devices, ie only. Use the same algorithms to track viewer habits and for suggest content that they might like. With the basic plan with advertising cannot be downloaded content and watch it offline.

In practice only the Jobwhich will be of 15 or 30 secondsfor maximum 4-5 minutes of advertising per hour inserted before, during and after the movie or episode of the TV series that the user is watching.

Which advertisements we will see on Netflix

Netflix currently has one alignment for advertisers more similar to traditional television than to the world of the internet: the commercials vary depending on the country and genre of content viewed, but not by taste of the viewer.

Netflix gives advertisers the ability to prevent their commercials from running while viewing certain content that the advertiser may deem inconsistent with its public image.

Netflix subscription: how much does it cost?

The new basic tariff with advertising becomescheaper subscription to Netflix available today, but will not replace the existing Basic, Standard, and Premium plans that are currently the same monthly prices:

  • Netflix Base with ads: €5.49
  • Netflix basic: 7.99 euros
  • Netflix standard: 12.99 euros
  • Netflix Premium: €17.99