How loyal Camilla will be in supporting her husband Charles

How loyal Camilla will be in supporting her husband Charles in his battle with cancer: The Queen is expected to take on more royal duties while King takes a break from his public duties to focus on cancer treatment

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Devoted Queen Camilla is expected to step up her royal duties following the King's cancer diagnosis.

It is understood that all working members of the Royal Family will continue their busy schedule of public appearances while the King takes some time off.

Queen Camilla and Prince William are two senior royals who are expected to take on more royal duties when necessary, although Prince William recently scaled back after undergoing abdominal surgery to care for his wife Princess Kate.

Buckingham Palace announced in a statement this evening that King Charles had been diagnosed with cancer.

They said the 75-year-old monarch returned to London from Sandringham to begin treatment immediately.

King Charles and Queen Camilla wave from the balcony of Buckingham Palace

Queen Camilla at a royal engagement in Cambridge just three days ago

Queen Camilla at a royal engagement in Cambridge just three days ago

It is not related to his recent surgery and is not prostate cancer, but doctors discovered it when he underwent medical surgery for an enlarged prostate.

Queen Camilla had continued to make public engagements since then, telling the public that her husband was “doing well” and looking forward to getting back to work.

Last Tuesday, she told well-wishers that he was “coping” and “doing his best,” adding: “Thank God!”

Buckingham Palace said in a statement this evening: “Another problem was noted during the King's recent hospital procedure for benign prostate enlargement.” Subsequent diagnostic tests have identified a type of cancer.

“His Majesty began a regular treatment plan today, during which he was advised by doctors to postpone public duties.” During this time, His Majesty will continue to conduct state business and official paperwork as usual.

“The King is grateful to his medical team for the rapid intervention made possible thanks to his recent hospital procedure.” He remains absolutely positive about his treatment and looks forward to returning to public service as soon as possible.

“His Majesty has decided to share his diagnosis to avoid speculation and in the hope that it may contribute to the public’s understanding of all people affected by cancer around the world.”

Following his diagnosis, other senior members of the royal family, including Queen Camilla and heir to the throne Prince William, are expected to take on further royal duties as necessary.

Prince William had originally scaled back his royal duties to care for Princess Kate while she recovered from abdominal surgery.

Buckingham Palace said the royal was pleased that the disclosure of his recent prostate surgery had helped raise awareness.

While the palace has said the royal has not been diagnosed with prostate cancer, NHS England said it had seen an increase in visits to its prostate enlargement pages following the royal's visit to the London Clinic earlier this year.