How much does 5y6 TODAY make in La Rinconada Official

How much does 5y6 TODAY make in La Rinconada? Official INH amount for Sunday January 28th

La Rinconada's 5y6 betting came back with renewed vigor. A total of 10 races will be held at the third meeting of the year Amounts and very attractive prizes for the entire audience. The Coche Oval promises big wins for all equestrian lovers who fit the bill Horses and winning jockeys. review how much wages said type of game on the day of HelloSunday, January 28th, as well as the amount granted by the painting.

Results of 5y6 La RinconadaCheck out the dividends paid by the 5 and 6 paintings of La Rinconada. Photo: INH

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How much did 5y6 pay in La Rinconada today?

According to INH, a single drawing with six correct answers will award a minimum amount of $300,000 to the winner.

How much do the 5y6 paintings pay today, January 28th?

As soon as the INH announces this Dividends which will be paid out per winner, the amounts can be found in the following lines:

  • First valid race:
  • Second valid race:
  • Third valid race:
  • Fourth valid race:
  • Fifth valid race:
  • Sixth valid race:

Retired officers 5y6 La Rinconada

The copies that existed withdrawn For the races on Sunday January 28th, they are part of two competitions valid for 5 and 6:

  • Fourth valid race: Verstappen (tendonitis of the right front leg)
  • Fifth valid breed: Bienmesabe (claudication of the left foreleg).

Results of 5y6 La Rinconada2 copies have already been withdrawn from today's races. Photo: INH

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What types of bets are there at La Rinconada Racecourse?

These are some of them Bets This can be done for the races at La Rinconada Racecourse:

  • winner
  • Location
  • Exactly
  • Trifecta
  • You're perfect
  • Triple bet
  • Great pool 4
  • perfect double
  • 5y6 National
  • Horse Lotus
  • Bundle the 4.

Results of 5y6 La RinconadaThe 5y6 pays a minimum amount of $300,000 to the person who has a unique painting with 6 correct answers. Photo: INH