How much does Ricardo Salinas Pliego earn Mexican businessman net

How much does Ricardo Salinas Pliego earn? Mexican Businessman Net Worth

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Mexico City / 02/19/2023 17:00:52

Ricardo Salinas Pliego has become a “star” of social networks in recent years, like himself becomes a trend again and again with its controversial commentsfor which it has won many supporters and critics.

However, the Mexican businessman does not take much importance as he is focused on his companies that leave him many dividends, making him one of the richest people in the world.

Richer than the Dallas Cowboys duel?

In a list of the 500 richest people in the world compiled by Bloomberg, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, owner of companies such as Grupo Elektra, Banco Azteca and TV Azteca, ranked 171st with an estimated fortune of 146 billion pesos.

The curious thing is that the owner of Mazatlán FC of Liga MX Beats Tycoon Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys Duel, which is ranked 172.

How much does it cost you to generate your wealth?

Recently, Ricardo Salinas Pliego went viral for posting a controversial tweet in which he scorned a lawsuit lost by Elektra against a wrongfully fired employee. who was charged 750,000 pesos with motorcycles, screens and furniture.

The Mexican businessman pointed out that he didn’t care It took a little over a minute to recover this amountwhich immediately ignited social networks.