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How much is the 2 euros worth with flowers? The answer is stunning

Dear passionate friends of numismatics, welcome to this new article! Today we’re going to talk about those €2 with flowers. First of all, we have to pinpoint that it is not Italian currencybut Dutch. They are indeed the €2 that belongs to the nation Finlandand in the next few lines of this article, ne Let’s analyze the characteristics and value well together.

The 2 € with flowers

One of the faces, the one that corresponds to it reverse side of the coinis what we all know. There is however different versions this currency that determine The variation also from this face. The first to go 1999 to 2006, shows the common side with the map of the countries of the euro zone separated and spaced apart; while the second version 2007/2019represents all countries of the Eurozone united without distances between the one and the other.

The obverse of the coin, on the other hand, bears the engraving of raspberry old”rubus camemorus“With i his flowers while underneath, in the bottom center, it is the thousandth of coinage. But there are variations here too:

In the version that goes off 1999 to 2006 Immediately below the raspberry is the symbol of mint directorM“And the thousandth of the embossing. In the version that goes off 2007 to 2010, instead, instead of the monogram M, there is an a cornucopia left between the stars, in the silver part of the coin; also the words “FI“Which suggests exactly that Finland.

But that’s not all, in the Dal version 2008 to 2010 there cornucopia that we previously found among the stars is placed under the flower on the left in the middle round of the coin. Finally, from 2011in place of the cornucopia a heraldic lion inserted in a circle.

Ultimately, this coin was minted Hundreds of millions of copies and many have variations; the defined year the one from 2006 is rarer but nevertheless the value does not exceed this value the 10 €.