Hubert Proulx will begin a tour with his son Viktor

Hubert Proulx will begin a tour with his son Viktor – 7 Days

Actor Hubert Proulx is preparing to begin a tour with his 12-year-old son Viktor next year.

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“He will have his own role in my one-man show called On s'lâche pas! play. This show will explore the themes of family, transference and models. Our run-in will begin in fall 2024.”

Meanwhile, the actor is already on tour through Quebec, at the music documentary theater Dehors Novembre, where he shares the stage with former Colocs bassist André Vanderbiest, nicknamed Vander. “All of our appointments are on the website,” he explains.

On television, Hubert Proulx, who we can follow in the new detective series Surprising Detective: The Girl with Stone Eyes, available on Club illico, will reprise his role as Pierre Poirier in Indéfendable in winter 2024. Additionally, the popular legal newspaper will return for a third season on TVA in September 2024.

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