Huchi Lora denies lawsuit against the producers of the film

Huchi Lora denies lawsuit against the producers of the film “Assault in Progress”: “I wasn’t even aware of it”

journalist Hello Lora He denied suing the film's producers.Attack in progressas spread on social networks.

Luis Eduardo Lora Iglesias, the communicator's first name, said he was “not even aware” of the alleged lawsuit.

“I have just learned from a version published on social networks and in some media that I have accused or sued the producers of a film about the attack on the Banco del Progreso. “I wasn’t even aware of that.” wrote the communicator on social networks.

The veteran journalist, who wrote a book about the attack on the Banco del Progreso, explained that he sold the rights to the work to Cirilo Toribio.

“A decade ago, Mr. Toribio suggested to me to make a film about this episode based on my book “Fuga o Muerte”. He was the third person to suggest it to me and I told everyone I wasn't interested. Then he suggested that I buy the rights to the book and I agreed. That's all”he concluded.

According to the document circulated on social networks, the summons was issued at the request of GT Films and Cirilo Michael Toribio Corniel against La Aldea Studio, Francisco de Jesús Disla Ferreira (El Indio), Anna Iris Gómez and Josell Hernández, who were already present at the insistence registered rights.

“Through this law, GT Films and Cirilo inform everyone who is obliged “to refrain from using, selling, marketing, transferring, giving away, disclosing, advertising, premiering films, showing films, trademarks and Registered rights such as the mask” Colors claimed in ONAPI according to ONAPI Mixed Trademark Registration No. 232593, ONDA registration document no. 0007059 and No. 000945 and copyright was assigned by Luis Eduardo Lora Iglesias (Huchi Lora) to Toribio Corniel,” the document reads.

“Assault in Progress” is the film about the armed robbery carried out by a surgeon wearing a clown mask in 1993 at the Banco del Progreso on Avenida Independencia and Socorro Sánchez in the Dominican capital.

The film hits theaters on May 2nd. The cast is led by the real Pepe Sierra, along with Francis Cruz, Phillip Rodríguez, Jochy Santos and others, who met at Caribbean Cinemas in Plaza Galería 360 to share details about the film.

The film also stars María Castillo, Hony Estrella, Irving Alberti and Richard Douglas, among others.