Hughes is a fascinating salesman

Hughes is a fascinating salesman

It would be fair to say that it was a return to reality.

After all, the Canadian just didn’t have the manpower to hope for a win against this formidable Carolina Hurricanes formation, especially since Kirby Dach had retired during the day. And Justin Barron, who was having a good time, was eliminated early in the third period.

It goes without saying that the recruiters tasked with closely monitoring Canadians will likely shut down their computers five minutes into the third period in anticipation of the deadline for staff-level transfers. It only took a few minutes to put the Canadians’ players back in perspective.

In fact, Chris Wideman and Johnathan Kovacevic skewed the deal.

What a horrible evening for the two defenders!

Every time they were on the ice, the Hurricanes amused themselves like thieves at a carnival.

on their appetite

The fact remains that the Canadian held out after two thirds. The recruiters undoubtedly made interesting notes. They were probably on a mission to watch Josh Anderson. No doubt they were under orders to scrutinize Christian Dvorak.

For teams looking for a seasoned defender, they undoubtedly gave David Savard high marks in their recommendations to their squad decision makers.

And why not ?

Mike Matheson was also solid given the circumstances, but is he in the showcase?

The question needs to be asked? It’s that time of year when GMs aiming to make the playoffs can sometimes get generous.

It’s also that time of year when Kent Hughes keeps himself abreast of everything that’s being discussed in the league and is ready to step in if a business opportunity arises. Recall the events of the past year.

Hughes’ goals aren’t changing, he needs more flexibility in managing financial commitments.

So should we expect a smoking gun?

answers follow

Anything is possible, but I believe the Jeff Gorton-Kent Hughes duo can make decisions in the offseason based on a broader assessment of the roster.

For example: What status will Brendan Gallagher have?

The most important thing right now is getting the best return on investment for Sean Monahan. Joel Edmundson’s file shows that his value has declined. No team will give up a first-round pick for the veteran defender.

Two weeks into the roster’s deadline, teams’ interest in a player like Anderson is certainly increasing, but his multi-season deal is something to ponder.

And if there are teams that have asked Hughes if he’s ready to part ways with the winger, what’s the price?

We’ll be watching Monahan’s return to the game very closely and will want to know what Hughes will be asking for the center player if, of course, he’s able to pick up the collar again without too much qualms. Are we willing to give up a first-round pick for a loan skater, and especially a fragile player?

Savard speaks

Shall we add the name David Savard?

There are many formations looking for a defender. Kent Hughes continues discussions with his colleagues, but he is very discreet.

Last year he made it clear that Tyler Toffoli was in the market. He knew Artturi Lehkonen was going to Colorado. He had said that Ben Chiarot would change his address.

And Brett Kulak went to Edmonton.

So far he has remained vigilant and finds himself in a situation where, in his role as a salesman, he wants to know what the interests of the competition are every day.

There is one priority in the goals of the Gorton-Hughes duo: reducing the cost of labor in order to present themselves on the free agent market without compensation with the opportunity to do good business.

Most desirable Meier

Timo Meier

Isn’t it in National League regulations that teams must use their best rosters at all times?

But what do league decision-makers think when teams ask Jakob Chychrun to stay home and wait for a transaction to close?

What do league decision-makers think if the Blackhawks propose Jonathan Toews be given a few days off while he’s on…

Ken Holland always keeps an open line with Kent Hughes over Joel Edmundson, but his patience has its limits.

Negotiations with the sharks

The Carolina Hurricanes have big ambitions, but this team has players who mostly play a similar style of play based on speed and finesse. Max Pacioretty was to become the coveted power forward. He’s lost for the rest of the season.

The Hurricanes are currently negotiating with the San Jose Sharks to acquire Timo Meier. Trouble is, they’re not the only ones, and one team negotiating with the Sharks is a formation from the Hurricanes’ division: the New Jersey Devils.