Hundreds of protesters in Ottawa for the Convoy of Freedom

Hundreds of protesters in Ottawa for the “Convoy of Freedom” –

A few hundred protesters marched up Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Saturday to show their support for the Freedom Convoy on the anniversary of the police operation that ended the demonstration.

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Some CTV News respondents still had a bitter taste of the operation, which mobilized hundreds of police officers to disperse protesters in February 2022.

“I was kicked out with everyone in town last February when the emergency law was invoked,” protester Jeremy Glass said. Basically, my goal is to protest the federal government and exercise my right to freedom of assembly and speech and to be recognized by Ottawa. »

Olga Jenney, a Toronto protester, disagreed with Rouleau’s report, which concluded that last year’s protest was dangerous and chaotic.

“Personally, I don’t think it was a job. It was a group of individuals protecting their families, she said. In my opinion, none of this was hostile or dangerous. It was peaceful.”

Counter-demonstrators directed against the Freedom Convoy were also present on Saturday.

Ottawa Police had been expecting protesters to arrive for several days. The police controlled access to the city center and closed some access ramps.