Hunting Accident A hunter was killed by a dog with

Hunting Accident: A hunter was killed by a dog with his rifle, he had left his gun in the back seat midi libre

A hunter was killed by a dog this weekend in the central United States. He reportedly left his gun in the back of his vehicle and his pet stepped on it and accidentally pulled the trigger.

A hunting accident caused by a dog’s clumsiness. This weekend at UNITED STATES, A hunter was shot by a dog while they were both in his car. The man from 30 years died at the site of his injury.

Accidental Shot

It was the hunter’s dog who pulled the trigger and delivered the fatal blow. In Summer County, Kansas, this hunter’s companion accidentally pulled the trigger while his gun was on the seat of the vehicle he was in. The sheriff’s office told local media that their initial information was that it was indeed one hunting accident.

Dog shoots Kansas hunter in freak accident

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The 30-year-old was in the passenger seat when the dog pulled the shotgun trigger and fired the shot. The man hit the victim directly and died some time later on site.

Ongoing investigation

Authorities have yet to determine whether or not the animal belonged to the victim of that gunshot. The Summer County Sheriff said there was “hunting gear and a gun” in the back seat of the vehicle. The dog then”arms marketwhat caused the detonation.