1706236712 Hydro Quebec The potential of unused power plants analyzed

Hydro-Québec: The potential of unused power plants analyzed

Hydro-Québec is currently analyzing the potential of unused power plants across the province to meet energy needs. The state-owned company is particularly eyeing the Mitis-1 and Mitis-2 hydroelectric power plants in Bas-Saint-Laurent.

These two small power plants on the Mitis River have an output of 10 megawatts. The Mitis-1 power plant was built almost 100 years ago, and the Mitis-2 power plant was commissioned in 1947.

“The power plants have been shut down due to technical problems since 2018. So there would actually have to be investments to get them going again and that's what we're keeping an eye on,” said Hydro-Québec spokesperson Ariane Doucet-Michaud.

Hydro Quebec The potential of unused power plants analyzed

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The analysis of the possibilities for bringing the structures back into operation is continuing. The state-owned company would like to estimate the costs of a possible relaunch and possible timelines for implementing the project.

To add performance, several parameters must also be taken into account. No decision has been made at the moment.

Hydro-Québec identified an additional need of 8,000 to 9,000 megawatts of electricity in its 2035 action plan.

Various solutions are being studied on site throughout the province, including in Bas-Saint-Laurent.

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“At Hydro-Québec there are various projects to increase performance and find additional energy. Yes, there is an increase in performance in some of our existing systems. As for the decommissioned power plants, there are some decommissioned power plants in Quebec that have already been decommissioned.

“Yes, we are looking at various alternatives for these power plants, but it is really too early to decide whether to restart them or shut them down,” Ms. Doucet-Michaud added.

Hydro-Québec hopes to complete its analyzes of unused power plants by the end of 2024.