quotI am happyquot This science fiction film will never

"I am happy" : This science fiction film will never have a sequel and its famous director is happy about it – Télé-Loisirs

Directed by a great filmmaker, this famous science fiction film grossed more than $500 million at the box office. But if some were still hoping for a sequel, they may be disappointed…

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After “The Strategist,” which earned him a Best Actor Oscar nomination, Brad Pitt changed roles by joining the cast of “World War Z.” Watch or rewatch this post-apocalyptic sci-fi horror film Netflix, we find the actor in the skin of Gerry Lane, a former United Nations investigator who witnessed a terrible zombie attack in Philadelphia. While the whole world descends into chaos, he manages to save his wife and daughters. The UN agrees to house them on a military cargo ship, but Gerry must embark on a mission to understand the origins of the deadly virus. The film “World War Z,” released in July 2013, grossed more than $500 million at the box office, including $200 million on American soil. Given the film's enormous success, studios quickly thought about a sequel, which unfortunately never saw the light of day.

Why David Fincher will never direct the World War Z sequel

In an interview with GQ UK magazine: David Fincherthe man behind the Mindhunter series on Netflix, explained why he was relieved not to make the sequel World War Z with Brad Pitt. “So, Second World War was a bit like that The last of us. I'm glad we didn't do what we planned because the universe of The last of us allows you to better explore the same topics” he said at first. “In our opening credits we wanted to use the little parasite… the same kind they used in the opening of The Last of Us with that wonderful sequence talk show like David Frost or Dick Cavett,” he continued.

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After “Mank,” David Fincher returns to Netflix with “The Killer.”

Three years after “Mank,” the American director is celebrating his comeback on Netflix with “The Killer,” which was partially filmed in Paris. Based on the comic series “The Killer”, the thriller, which will be released in cinemas on November 10th, tells the story of a lonely and cold killer who kills his victims without scruples or remorse. However, one day he will question his entire existence. After a near-disaster, a murderer finds himself fighting a global manhunt against his employers and himself.

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