“I don't pay you”, inspired by Eduardo, stabs Pastore Castellitto: “A nightmare, he always screams”

“I don't pay you”, inspired by Eduardo, Pastore Castellitto stabs: “A nightmare, he always screams” – AreaNapoli.it AMP

Luca Cirillo04.01.2024 8:19 p.m

The journalist Rosario Pastore didn't really like the Roman actor's portrayal of Ferdinando Quagliuolo in Eduardo De Filippo's opera.

Rosario PastoreThe journalist, a key writer for La Gazzetta dello Sport in the past, teased the actor with a very harsh post Sergio Castellitto, protagonist of “Non ti pago”, a television film inspired by the work of Eduardo De Filippo. These are his words: “By chance I saw a scene from “I’m Not Paying You” while surfing last Tuesday. A kind of nightmare that took me back to the time when I was an astonished spectator watching “Christmas” in the Cupiello House” (the bad memory of “Saturday, Sunday and Monday” slowly faded)”.

Then he added further reflections precisely in relation to the interpretation of the experienced Roman actor and director born in 1953: “But who told Castellitto that to interpret Eduardo's masterpieces you had to necessarily scream, always scream, scream, as if it were him ? “Aren’t you there tomorrow?” Compliments are mandatory to the wonderful couple of actors, the Neapolitan Massimiliano Gallo (Nunzio's son, editor's note) and Vanessa Scalera, who has just given us a wonderful “Filumena Marturano.”

Luca CirilloHe has been a journalist since 2010 and worked for “Roma”. As a deputy editor and correspondent for online newspapers, he accompanied Napoli through Europe. He is an author and presenter of shows on Radio Amore and collaborates with several magazines. Extended biography and article list

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