quotI made a mistakequotsays the comedian about the robbery report

"I made a mistake"says the comedian about the robbery report in the MG

posted on 01/17/2023 18:25

    (Credit: Playback/Instagram @gustavomendes)

(Credit: Playback/Instagram @gustavomendes)

A little over ten days after posting a report on social media saying he was the victim of an attempted robbery in Minas Gerais, comedian Gustavo Mendes known for hitting former President Dilma Rousseff (PT) to imitate back this Tuesday to comment on the subject (17/1).

In a new Instagram post, Gustavo said the police investigation was complete and he wanted to clarify what happened. “First I have to remind you that I received two very hard blows to the head. The worst didn’t happen but they were given (stones) to kill, so there in the pictures,” he said, referring to the Received pictures from the police.

“It’s a slap on the head, you don’t remember what happened,” he said. (Watch the full video at the end of the article.).

According to Gustavo, he left a bar around 4am after drinking and found a woman who he described as “a rascal, a real wanderer” on the street asking for money.

He also says the pictures showed he was harsh in response to being asked to donate money: “I have, but I won’t.” He claims he didn’t want to stop to speak to the woman precisely because it was early in the morning and he was afraid something would happen.

Then the woman’s husband, walking right behind her, went to talk to Gustavo. “So much so that I’m calm (on the pictures) with my phone. They’re not bandits, there’s nothing wrong with stealing,” he explained.

Gustavo also reveals that the images show the man coming to speak to the comedian and putting his hand under his shirt, leading him to suspect a possible robbery. “I was scared, I was scared it was an attempted robbery,” he also said.

The two then started arguing: “Are you trying to rob me, who do you think you are? Get out of here, run out of here.” and kill and get out,” he said in the video.

The comedian explained that he told police that and that he went to the hospital to be treated and the doctor who treated him asked him to stay awake until “more or less noon, one o’clock in the afternoon.” stay. That’s what I remember. I remember. Because when you have that kind of aggression on your mind, you have to stay awake to see if there’s going to be a reaction, what happened, well, it wasn’t a big deal.

At the end of the video, Gustavo admits that he was wrong about the complaint: “The fact is that I was wrong about that complaint, but the fact is there, I was a victim of that aggression, I suffered that aggression, me could be dead,” he replied.

He also criticized the judgments he received for misunderstanding the facts: “Condemning me because I misunderstood the facts is stupid. That’s the truth”.

Gustavo assured that this will be his last statement on the case. “Life has to go on, we have to work,” he said.

Watch the comedian’s full speech:


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