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"I managed to talk to Mariana"; Fafá de Belém says he managed to contact his daughter who was stranded on the coast of São…


Fafá de Belém has recorded a video in which she appears emotional as she talks about the situation of the rain victims on the coast of São Paulo

Fafá de Belém speaks about the rains on the coast of São Paulo that have devastated the region© Playback / Instagram @fafadbelemFafá de Belém speaks about the rains on the coast of São Paulo that have devastated the region

Fafá de Belém shared a video this Monday (20) telling his fans and friends that he managed to contact his daughter Mari Belém, who lives on the coast of São Paulo ddue to the heavy rains that hit the place over the weekend and destroyed much of the region.

The singer was emotional as he commented on the issue in the post’s Instagram. “I want to thank you all for your solidarity and affection. When I talk about my daughter Anyone who is a mother and father knows how we take care of our children, I’m not just talking about her, I’m talking about all of us who have been abandoned by this country for many years. I’m talking about people who are homeless and need help, not just from the government but from each of us,” he began.

> Fafa de Belém Photo: Instagram @fafadbelem

Immediately, Fafá de Belém sent a message to those who spread fake news About her daughter: “So, once again, thank you for the affection and take this opportunity to say to unfortunate people to take care of their lives and others. Rebuilding the country, and rebuilding the country requires solidarity, awareness, responsibility and love for others”.

“I was able to speak to Mariana and thank God she’s fine. There are people in the region who are in a serious situation, homeless, without help, missing, without contact with family and without the essentials.” In focus now helps with everything! The institute means business and is running a campaign. In the cards that reside in this post, they list the greatest urgencies at this moment. Thanks to everyone who was worried about us,” concluded Fafa, who shared data from the Verdescola Institute, which helps victims of the São Sebastião tragedy.