I saw myself in the little girl in her Jennifer

“I saw myself in the little girl in her”: Jennifer Lopez talks about her moving meeting with Brie Larson

Jennifer Lopez said she was honored, moved and overwhelmed by her meeting with actress Brie Larson (who burst into tears as she hugged her) at the recent Golden Globes ceremony.

Brie Larson fulfilled her dream of meeting her idol Jennifer Lopez on the red carpet of the 2024 Golden Globes.

“I saw Selena and it made me want to be an actress. “And you have always been important to me,” she confided to Jennifer Lopez. Your work ethic is so important. THANKS.”

In an interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music 1, Jennifer Lopcez explained that she recognized herself in the “little girl” deep in Brie Larson's heart and that realizing the impact she had on the Marvel star was a truly moving experience .

“It was very nice to have such an experience,” said the 54-year-old singer and actress, who never expected to be a source of inspiration for a 34-year-old actress of the new generation. This encounter reminded her of the time when, as a little girl, she saw her idol Rita Moreno in “West Side Story.”

“When she said to me, 'I've been wanting to tell you this for so long,' I just looked into her eyes because she was so connected to me,” J.Lo added.

“I couldn't have imagined having such an experience with someone so talented and whose films I watch and who is, in a way, my contemporary,” Jennifer Lopez added in an interview. “It was a very nice thing that she did and it meant a lot to me, probably even more than it did to her.”

Viral video

The two actresses met by chance on the red carpet at the awards ceremony last Sunday. While being interviewed before the ceremony, Brie Larson spotted her idol in the distance and immediately began crying in admiration. She shared how much the singer has inspired her over the years.

The touching video of this meeting quickly went viral on social networks.