I saw the videos of you being sad all wrong

“I saw the videos of you being sad, all wrong” [VIDEO]

In the episode of Men and Women broadcast today on Canale5, Mario Cusitore returns to apologize to Ida Platano, but the Tronista does not trust …

Today, February 15th, the new episode of men and women begins with the arrival of Mario Cusiterewho came to the show to apologize Ida Platano. The discussion begins in the study center Orpheus and some ladies on the ground floor for his behavior.

Men and women, Mario Cusitore apologizes: But for Ida, the videos in which she appears sad are completely fake [VIDEO]

Mario enters the studio to the applause of the audience while Ida Platano He remains sitting motionless in his chair and doesn't even make the slightest gesture to greet him. With a great speech, the former admirer officially apologizes to the Tronista and asks her to accept him back into her circle of admirers. Ida reveals that other reports have also arrived about him, including some videos in which we see that the suitor is sick and seems sad, and according to the Tronista they are not truthful but artfully filmed to arouse her pity. The applicant reveals that he tried to contact her through the editorial team but was unable to reach her. The Tronista also tells him that several of her friends have decided to send her messages and write to her as a gesture for this Mario apologises.

Gianni She asks him why he decided to come back and say such strong words if he doesn't want to keep those promises. Also Sergio admits that in his opinion Mario He shouldn't stay, but his intervention provokes an angry reaction Idabecause she feels too controlled. Ida She is not very inclined to forgive him and trusts him little, but after Ernesto Russo's defensive intervention Marioaccept his apology and reserves the right to consider itwithout giving a clear answer. Sergio And Pierpaolo They don't seem very happy with the situation and the first is threatening to leave as it is clear that the Tronista still has some interest in it Mario. Another argument breaks out between the admirer and the Tronista, and sparks fly in the studio!

We continue Throne over with Orpheuswho went out to dinner with Emanuela and was supposed to have dinner with him Aurora, who left him the number. However, the lady complains that the knight wasn't the least bit interested in her, so he didn't call her. As is often the case, the words of Aurora They start a discussion with Gianni, Cristina and Barbara, who join forces to attack first the lady and then her too Orpheus. The knight decides not to date anymore Aurora.

A new lady steps in for him, Ornelladetermined to get to know him. Tina She immediately intervenes and says that she is interested in the knight's bank account, which elicits the reaction of Maria De FilippiHost of the dating show from Channel 5. In the end the knight decides not to keep it and Ornella He asks if he can dance with him before he leaves, but Orfeo says instead that he wants to dance with Tina. This attitude provokes the reaction of Barbara who angrily stands up from her chair and accuses him of being a really rude person. While the commentator defends the knight, Maria De Filippi He tells her that Ornella is not allowed to beg anyone for a dance. Before she leaves, Ernesto offers to dance with her. After the dance, Silvio surprisingly asks if Ornella can stay because he would like to woo her, and the lady agrees! A discussion breaks out between them Barbara And Orpheus.

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