I screamed in despair the ordeal of a snowboarder stuck

“I screamed in despair”: the ordeal of a snowboarder stuck in a gondola for 15 hours

In Les Bronzés sont du ski, the scene in which Jean-Claude Dusse is stuck on a chairlift in the middle of the night has become legendary. A similar mishap happened to a woman in California (USA), in the Lake Tahoe region. On the night of Thursday, January 25 to Friday, January 26, 2024, this snowboarder was stuck in a gondola for 15 hours, the Los Angeles Times reports.

She was walking down the slopes with her friends when she tiredly decided to take a gondola to get to the ski resort. It was exactly 4:58 p.m. At 5:00 p.m. the device switched off… and didn't restart until the next morning. Without a phone or light to sound the alarm, she spent the night in the hut, rubbing her hands and feet to keep from getting too cold. The temperature outside had dropped below 0°C.

An open investigation

As soon as a person passed under the cabin, they screamed “Desperate to the point of losing my voice”. Vain. Fearful of not hearing from the snowboarder, her friends reported her missing, CNN reports. When the cable cars were put back into operation the next morning, the victim could be located. Firefighters rushed to the scene to attend to them. After I've been “rated”She refused to be taken to the hospital.

The broadcaster has decided to launch an investigation to find out how such a situation could have arisen. “I don't know how something like this could have happened. It's very strange. […] She must have been terrified because she knew she was all alone there and didn't know if anyone would find her.the county fire department spokesman admitted to the Los Angeles Times.