quotI send you to fuckquot Colapesce blurts out with the

"I send you to fuck". Colapesce blurts out with the conductor

The Spring of My Life, the film by Zavvo Nicolosi with Colapesce and Dimartino which will be in cinemas from February 20th to 22nd. The singer couple who presented themselves with the song in the competition of the big names syringes On the occasion of the last edition of the Sanremo Festival, she was a guest of the Cachemire Podcast and answered a series of questions from the hosts. The two have revealed some background and anecdotes about situations that have arisen in the course of their careers so far.

For example, they were asked to explain what was a phrase that irritated them greatly when it was said. Dimartino took the floor and let it be known that the comparison with Pius and Amedeo It was not particularly appreciated: “We take it a little. It has nothing to do with what they say … In Italy, if there is a duo, you are immediately Pio and Amedeo, Luca and Paolo … ” .

There are many comedic couples, but the comparison to Colapesce and Dimartino doesn’t quite match their musical context. In this regard, Colapesce shared what has just happened in the past few days, when a journalist on live radio made him nervous at the start of an interview after pointing out a certain resemblance to Amedeo from the comic duo.

“I told him, ‘Look, I can even walk now and I’ll send you off’. He’s off to a terrible start,” revealed Colapesce. As a natural consequence, the frost inevitably fell. The singer then added, “I put it back in a second. Then he called the director in our press office and apologized.”

In particular, Dimartino’s lack of a salute at the beginning of the question was not well received: “Immediately, without saying ‘Hello’. Because we are somewhat affected by rudeness”. In this context, he denounces that the boundary between show and education is often forgotten. “He has to stay at the base. But we are 40-year-old gentlemen,” Dimartino then explained with a touch of irony.

Colapesce pointed out that in this historical moment there is a tendency to constantly see each other live on Tik Tok, sometimes exaggerating with sympathy: “I’m pissed. I like hierarchies: You invite me, I’m the artist and you do your job. I’m very nice, but you don’t have to tease me or I’ll get mad.