I took buckets of shit with me for a year

“I took buckets of shit with me for a year… that's enough!”. Melissa Satta's very hard breakout

The election didn't last long Melissa Satta stay away from gossip. The former showgirl had chosen the path of silent consent to confirm her ex-boyfriend's words. Matteo Berrettini, who officially announced the end of their relationship last week. But today, a few days after the tennis player's statements, Melissa Satta was forced to speak publicly again to put a stop to the latest news that was circulating about her.

Melissa Satta, the outbreak in the headlines of the foreign press

“Enough is enough! “Once again, after a year, I’m forced to make a video to defend myself against the keyboard lions,” the presenter blurted out on Instagram River videowhere he denounced the incident: “I defend myself against journalists who have written shocking headlines in some online newspapers in Italy and abroad, accusing me, defaming me, writing statements that were never made and using terms.” offensive and serious”. In the long series of stories published on her personal page, Melissa Satta showed some headlines from foreign online newspapers that used unflattering terms to describe her and talk about the end of the relationship with Berrettini. “Defamatory” headlines like She Defined Her, which led her to ask her parents lawyers.

Satta confirms the end of the relationship with Berrettini

“I took buckets of shit with me for a year Relationship “just ended,” explained Melissa Satta on Instagram, referring to the last twelve months alongside Berrettini: “It was a very difficult and very difficult year and once again I have to endure it all.” I think so unacceptableFor this reason, I will take serious action with my lawyers.” The former showgirl then shared the screenshots of some articles published by Mail Online, Build Sport and other foreign online newspapers with titles and terms that Satta described as “unacceptable, with non-existent explanations , which were never made by me, but are the result of the invention of others.

The very hard breakout on Instagram

Melissa Satta has called for her right to privacy in numerous social videos respect: “Before I am a public figure, I am a wife and mother of a ten-year-old child who goes to school, reads social media and surfs the Internet, and it is difficult to limit the information on the Internet,” said the presenter, added: “I have always accepted gossip, paparazzi etc News about me, provided they are written with common sense, truthfully and in accordance with the statements actually made. Now there is no control, no respect and I do not accept the flood of nonsense written.”

“I have to defend myself and my family”

Satta said to himself shocked from the numerous articles published abroad in which she was defined as a “sex addict” and stated that she wanted to take action not only for herself and her family: “I didn't think it would come to this and I can't .” Explain why. I always try to be very reserved about using social media to share the beauty, to keep things private within the walls of my home. But this is not appreciated, on the contrary… the more you behave well, the more people enjoy it massacre yourself. I have to protect myself, my son and all women who, like me, are victims of it.” He then concluded with a final written story: “Psychological violence is just as serious as physical violence.”